Three Out of Nine

I found this this morning:

Take the quiz here.

I scored a three out of nine. Outside Magazine generously described my results as those of “not a bacon expert.”

Well, maybe I’d be more knowledgeable … scratch that: I would absolutely be more knowledgeable about the fatty, salty, wrinkly goodness of bacon if I had a bacon sponsor.

Alas, I am not sponsored athlete material. My body composition falls somewhere between that of bacon and that of the age groupers who win my races.

This blog will follow my journey to maybe someday be a competitive triathlete and, more importantly, to have free cured meat delivered to my front door as a result. Maybe someday I’ll be … um, earn a 9.

I can’t believe you made it all the way to the end! I’d like to thank you for reading and invite you to recommend anything you like, follow this blog, and send bacon sponsor leads (or just packages of bacon) my way.

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