The official logo of the Day of Music Fullerton 2016 happening on Tuesday, June 21.

Music: Something Worth Celebrating Every Day

There are currently over 800 cities worldwide that have something in common on one day of the year, every year. Better known as June 21, the Summer Solstice or World Music Day, communities from around the globe come together on this day in celebration of music. Beginning in Paris in 1982, the day has continued to popularize as more and more communities strive to embrace their love of many different genres. Day of Music Fullerton (DOMF), in particular, is in full stride as 2016 brings the community’s second annual event. DOMF is making an effort to embrace the fact that this year’s worldwide celebration falls on a Tuesday, whereas last year’s event was on a weekend. “Music doesn’t have to be saved for the weekend, it can be enjoyed every single day of the week,” said Matthew Salazar, Cal State Fullerton senior and DOMF Intern. Much like DOMF, many cities look forward to June 21. No matter what day of the week, the communities will continue to come together in celebration of something that has shaped so many lives: music.

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