That time I went to a “medieval castle” and saw a bunch of creepy dolls.

There’s a medieval castle on the Sunshine Coast, at Bli Bli. It was built in 1972.

The website says it is “much in the tradition of Castles all around the world”.

After arriving at the castle and making your way past the display of dinosaurs and cavemen living together in the front garden, you pay the entry fee (“that’ll be fifteen gold doubloons, please”).

Originally, it was called the Fairytale Castle, the Scandinavian backpacker that takes our doubloons explains.

At its height, it was home to around 3,500 dolls, and “when we turned it into a medieval castle, we decided to keep some of them”, he says.

“Just in case you get confused when you see them.”

Look at these dolls:

look at these dolls.

There are so many dolls.

It’s unsettling.

These are the some of the dolls that remained after they did a clearout. Not pictured: a large collection of tiny smurf figurines.

The castle also houses the throne from Xena, Warrior Princess.

For some reason.

So anyway I’m glad I got to have this authentic medieval experience.

Five stars.