KC let me explain the notion of the mental disease paranoia.
John the TIB

LOL, you never stop with the projection do you? YOU are the one who is taking it personally when Trump is criticized — you’ve attached your ego to him and every response of yours further confirms this. You have no ability to separate his actions and their consequences from your own identity.

Add in your lack of legal and national security knowledge and you end up with nutty responses such as trying to explain away Trump trying to influence the Justice Department not to further investigate Flynn — something anyone who has ever worked in government at any level knows went way over the line.

And the “but Hillary…” deflection is not fooling anyone. It is childish and only further demeans your credibility.

You are delusional and unable to accept any facts that point to the serious ethical and legal issues this administration is bringing onto itself. Its a shame that ethics, science, and the law are now a left-right thing because we are weaker as a nation and a people as a result.

Today’s GOP is nothing like the party I once belonged to because it has been taken over by lunatics like you, lapping up the latest fairy tales and lies spun by Alex Jones, Rush Limbaugh, or Sean Hannity.

You stand for nothing. You have no principles or values other than wanting to “win.” You only believe in democracy so long as whatever group you identify with remains the majority. But as demographic shifts are taking place to change that dynamic, your belief in democracy has given way to supporting voter suppression and gerrymandering to allow your minority of voters to rule the country not unlike aparteid South Africa. With each passing year this becomes more apparent. You only believe in democracy so long as you get your own way — like a spoiled child.

You are your kind do not care if the country burns down, as long as your team gets to rule the ashes.

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