Bernie Sanders, Don’t You DARE Go Quietly Into That Dark Night!

“Do not go gentle into that good night; Rage! Rage against the dying of the light!” — Dylann Thomas

Bernie Sanders can, should, and must, contest every election from now until the Democratic Convention, and at that Convention, use every tactic, every delegate he has, everything he’s got to keep swinging at Hillary Clinton and her machine; not in soft, “toned down” jabs on policy, but with political brass knuckles at the policies, the record, the lies, the stacked deck, and the fraud that is the candidate herself.

The ill-fated PUMA effort from 2008 was in retrospect dumb, because Hillary’s supporters — whom I have termed the Hill People — way back then were all Democrats to begin with. This year, Bernie’s supporters are current or former politically left independents, as well as those like myself who left the Democratic Party officially because of Bernie, Seattle’s Socialist City Councilmember Kshama Sawant, and others. There is no chance — none whatsoever — that in a few months that fear of the Republicans will set in and we’ll vote for Hillary because the choice between her and Trump is one we know to be false — in other words, take your pick folks! Oligarchy versus fascism! Which do you want to endorse over the other! …No thanks. Not now, not this time, and never again.

I plead with Bernie Sanders to literally flake on the Democratic Party at their convention. He mustn’t accept a prime time speaking slot. He mustn’t endorse Hillary Clinton and the rigged game that ensured that she was going to win no matter how successful he was. Don’t be dragged out in unseen, metaphorical shackles to the epicenter of Clintonism like a Christian in the Roman Colosseum, while Hillaria I Ceasar looks down on him from high with a satisfied smile and watches as her former opponent is brought to his political knees and made to bow before her in submission. The cold, soulless reign of Hillary Rodham Clinton would begin at that moment before the eyes of Bernie’s once fired up supporters and her own — the latter of whom will cheer not for him, but for being able to watch the man who opposed their newly coronated party matriarch go down; the former however will bear witness to this as if being told “This is what happens when you oppose Hillary Clinton”.

She will have finally made an example out of Bernie Sanders, in the not-good-very-very-bad sense.

Instead, Bernie Sanders, you fighter you, the man who wouldn’t give up, the man who didn’t know the meaning of the word “settle”, the man who stood up in the middle of a storm against all odds and called the thunder itself down from the sky: Instead, you skip the Democratic convention and the spectacle of it all and avoid being the trophy carcass of a defeated enemy being brought to Hillary as tribute. For we know now that Hillary Clinton is your exact opposite, and should you speak in her favour at the convention or attempt “party unity” for a party that you aren’t part of (and now neither are we, those who you’ve liberated from Democrat corporate chains), everything you have been and have become may be lost.

If you must go, then I ask that the words “Hillary Clinton” and “Democratic Party” never once leave your mouth in your speech. Not even “my opponent”. Not even the pronoun “her”.

Then, sit down with Kshama Sawant, Jill Stein, Cornel West, Frances Fox Piven, Chris Hedges, Naomi Klein — the activists, the journalists, the professors, and become the founders of a new US political party. A social-green alliance. You can call it whatever you like. “Social Democrattic Party”, “Democratic Socialist Party”, hell you can even call it the “Halloween Party” for all I care.

But the inevitable has to occur. We’ve left the Democratic Party and we’re not going back, and we’ll be damned if we’re not taking you with us, Bernie Sanders.

Spite the party, disrespect their queen, and burn their flag in defiance.

You called for a revolution. This is it. It’s here. This is the revolution. Now revolt.

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