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Dear Jeremy, thank you so much for your lovely response. Politics are separate and compartmentalized for me. I spent years in professional politics, starting as an intern for former US Rep Paul Kanjorski over ten years ago. Over time I have developed a sense of separating political opinion that people have from who they are as people.

So that you would do the same and have such thoughtful words on my piece is both heartening and I am humbled. Political differences aside, I am happy that you enjoyed it. I am not sure where you happen to be, but if you are a fellow Pacific Northwesterner, there’s a great organization called End AIDS Washington that you should check out on Facebook; they work locally in tandem with Seattle Counseling Services to ensure that low income and homeless HIV+ persons (particularly homeless LGBTQ youth) have the means to access WA’s free PREP program with the goal of ending new HIV infections in Washington State within the next decade.

Have a good day, and thanks again for your great response :) ❤
In Solidarity and Sincererity,