Looking Forward and Telling Stories

This week has been about finding a project and looking forward for the next couple weeks. At the beginning of the week I was kind of stuck but then I talked to my teacher and with another student and now I have two projects in the planning stages. The first is to start a YouTube channel and the second is to interview elderly people.

I recently watched the documentary “Stories We Tell” written and directed by Sarah Polley, the film is about Polley discovering who her biological dad is after she finds out that her mother had an affair. She interviews many family members and friends and eventually finds out the identity of her father. What I really enjoyed about this film is how people explained their stories. When someone remembered something that had not been funny when they were young they start to smile and feel nostalgic and I loved watching that. I like reading about people’s thoughts and experiences, it’s one of the reasons that I love Medium. So I am excited to be able to help people share their stories.

Dylan Brown helped me with this idea and has connections with a local nursing home. I can’t wait to hear about everyone’s lives and to watch them re-experience so many memories.

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