Ill tell you why. It’s because Hillary has alienated US in this campaign.
Charles Miller

Thanks for reading and commenting, Charles. I’m not going to respond point-by-point, but I do appreciate your detailed response! And I understand your frustration over a lot of the things you mentioned. I definitely agree, as well, that it’s too early to count Bernie out of the race.

I think there are some tactics that every politician running a large-scale campaign engages in at times that the other camp can see as dishonest or misleading. I actually believe, though, that Hillary is trying to win everyone’s vote. Just like Bernie is. Whether she succeed when it comes to your vote is, of course, up to you. My main concern is that we don’t lose the forest for the trees with Bernie vs. Hillary issue — there’s still a general election to get through after the primaries, and there’s a lot at stake this year. Thanks again for your thoughts on this.

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