Adventurous but not un-curated
Anxious but not without a support system
Argumentative but not willing to burn bridges
Athletic but not without the right gear


Brand partnerships but not poorly executed
Buddhist but not religious


Charismatic but not born that way
Complicit but not cynical
Creative but not an artist
Culture fit but not conformist


Disruptive but not to power structures
Dogmatic but not judgmental


Earnest but not self-aware
Educated but not academic
Efficient but not utilitarian
Emotional but not nuanced
Empathetic but not without trumpeting it
Executive but not authoritarian
Experimental but not avant-garde
Extravagant but not without having…

Casey Gollan

”terrible but amusing” —The New York Times • casey@bullshit.systemshttp://caseyagollan.com

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