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Hey guys! Casey Gollan from Add10. What I’ll talk to you today, well I got a question for you actually. Do you have staff that struggle or you’ve got a team that wins?

See, the challenge for a lot of business owners is they’re not really trained on how to build team. And once you get your message to market right which is when you’re able to sell a lot of products. Once you start getting it, you start adding team members or staff as you probably call them to your team.

You’ll get to a point where you start to get snowed under, where you start to get stressed and where you start to have to put out fires for your team members and also try and do your role and that can be really overwhelming.

So the secret is to learn how to build a team rather than hiring staff. And yet the problem from a lot of small business owners is just they don’t know how to do that and they’ve never been trained right and there’s so many coaches out there saying “Marketing, you’ve got to do marketing.”

The reality is you’ve got to create a leadership business. So I don’t want to talk to you about that in this video and teach you how to do it.

I got a training coming up in 30 days. It’s exactly 30 days today. That’s on the 9th and 10th of November for my Add10 coaching clients which is all about building a dream team which is how to build, train, and then lead a team in your business that can build your business without you having to be in the day-to-day. So it frees you up from being stuck in the business so you can focus on growing the business.

Add10 Accelerator: DreamTeam

I’m pretty pumped about it and something I’ve been doing for 21 years now as a business coach working with the businesses. And if you’ve seen the results my clients have got from anywhere from business BRW winners to international award winning US and national award winning businesses.

Building a team is a critical element to the success of a small business that grows past that 1 million mark up to the 21st million. It is all about building teams. You can build, put people into your business to grow a business. Let me take you through that.

I’m gonna do a series of these videos over the next couple of weeks. (Just lost a bit of connection here). So let’s take a walk.

I’ll talked about this quickly. I’m going to do a series of talks over the next few days about how to build a dream team and you know pick up some gold from that. And if you like to join me in my coaching program you can learn this firsthand.

Get the frameworks to get to all the tutorials and get the processes and work with me and my team and my other clients to build a dream team in your business so you can build a team that build your business without you having to do the work in the day to day so you can focus on what you’re best at. So just in this video I’m going to talk about building a winning team.

The challenge or why it’s really important, what’s really important to build a team that wins rather than just hiring people. So a lot of small business people, they’re really good at what it is that they start to do when the business grows and then they need to start hiring people.

And that’s kind of their train of thought is how I need to hire someone. I need to find someone to do a role. The shift needs to be from doing a role to winning you and what you need to.

What the training you need to take part in is learning how to build a team that wins and building a team that wins, whether it’s netball, whether it’s football, whether it’s soccer, whether it’s NRL when that’s legal, whether it’s Union for rugby.

There’s certain positions on the field and there’s certain characteristics that those players that fill this position need to have.

Same thing in business whether you’re looking to sales people. Sales people are wired differently to admin, to other parts of your business and there’s ways that you can find people that fit the specific roles within your business but not just find them. Test them on application on coming to your business so that you can see that they’re a fit not just to the business but a fit for a winning team.

And that’s what I’m going to be taking my clients through on the 9th and 10th of November. It is testing your team for talent, testing them for the talent. You’re not just doing the role but to sort also for whether they fit into your team and whether they fit the role that they are applying for. From a DNA point of view, are they wired for that role?

There’s a process that I use in my team for my business, my clients businesses where I train my clients on how to assess team members before they hit the floor in your business. But then what do we do once they hit the floor?

So we look at the talent that we bring into the team. We look at the training that we do for them. We look at the tools that they use, the documents that they use, and the different types of talks that you need to have with your team so you can take it from staff members to team members and for team members that will win.

So when you build your team you’re looking to build a bunch of people that work towards your vision and will win. Whether it’s getting sales, whether that’s getting production out so that you can rely on the right people in the right positions doing the right work at the right time.

I’ve got a bit of an acronym that I use which is called GSDBTWOD which is the Nirvana for me and my team. It’s getting people that can get shit done before time without drama.

That’s sort of like the thing that I really aim for. And once you get people in each of the positions in your team that can do that, you’ve got a winning team.

Then the lack of reliability and the lack of productivity and the lack of cohesiveness that most small business owners complain about for team members. And the team will disappear because you haven’t built a team that’s ready to win and there’s a steps for that. There’s a science for it. There’s also an art to it as well and that’s what I want to take everyone through on the 9th and 10th of November.

So look, if you’re new to me and you know that in my coaching group if you’d like to just type in the message box and just type in ‘details’ and we can send you some details about the training that I’ll be taking people through in 30 days time and if you’d like to join us or leave you some details on what you can do for that.

So anyway to move from a struggling staff to a winning team there’s a different process, there’s a system to it and over the next few days and we’re sharing it with you. Anyway this is to get the ball rolling. It’s been a while since I’ve done Facebook live so I’m looking forward to sharing more over the next couple of weeks.

You take care. Bye.

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