Social Media Management Survival Tips Infographic

Social media is everywhere. Knowing how to utilize social media platforms can help to grow your brand and business. For this reason, when I was tasked with creating an infographic I decided to create one about social media management survival tips.

The first tip is to be visual. Posts with videos and pictures are more likely to be shared and liked. The next tip is to interact with your audience. By retweeting, commenting and liking your followers’ posts you are building a stronger connection with them. It is also important to keep the platform you are using in mind because each platform has different best practices. For example, on Instagram it is appropriate to use eleven hashtags but on Twitter that is seen as spam. The fourth tip is to be consistent in your post. It is a good practice to keep the style of your posts consistent so that your audience will associate your posts with your brand. The next tip is not only important for social media, but it is important for everything your write. Be sure to double check your posts for grammar mistakes. Last but not least, the sixth tip for surviving on social media is to post timely. You should use analytics to see what time you get the most engagement on posts and then schedule your posts to be published at that time.

Check out the infographic below!

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