Not All Men? Well, actually…
Alicen Grey

Congrats on writing gay men out of the global picture with your playground (All boys have cooties) feminism. I mean, it’s not a global picture I’d like to be part of anyways, so no biggie. I’d suggest reading Judith Butler, but her suggestion that the world — and gender — is complex — may bum you out. Your hypothetical question — what if patriarchy didn’t hurt men, only benefited — gives a pretty clear indication that you don’t really have a hold on patriarchy as a concept. You can’t extract the badness out of patriarchy leaving some benign, streamlined version of it. Patriarchy is always already harmful to men and women (and those of other gender identifications). It always already implies that objectification is a condition of order, of meaning, of existence. No one can BENEFIT from that. I understand anger; I understand oppression; I’ve experienced it. But while you’re patting yourself on the back for being so “controversial,” it might help to consider the fact that resistance to your bizarre need to paint all males with one brush maybe anti-homophobic just as much as it could be misogynist. One more thing: your whole “I’m not advocating all women go lesbian…yet” was done in the 70s. And as Adrienne Rich pointed out, that’s homophobic in and of itself. It posits lesbianism as some “magical signifier” of the women’s movement — creating a sort of rhetorical threat (“Hey you bad men! I could go lezzie to punish you!”) that at the same time flattens and trivializes lesbian existence.

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