How to Organize your Nightmare Spaces

Cupboards, closets, the “junk drawer.” You know what I’m talking about. You keep putting things in there in a hurry or because you’re too lazy to determine a space for them. And now you’ve got some scary spaces in your life. But no more!


First and foremost, if you have a cluttered space, you have to remove every last thing from it. Get all of the clutter, dirt, dust, boxes, and junk out of there. Make a mess in the room you’re working in. Clean up the space in question now that nothing is in there, vacuum, wipe it down, etc. Get it clean, get the space down to the bare woodwork.

Get some storage boxes and label them…

You can never ever have enough labeled boxes for things. You and everyone in the house should have a designated spot for items in that category, eliminating the need to throw whatever it is into the junk drawer or into the closet. Go to your local Goodwill and find some good storage items like totes, drawer organizers, baskets, or anything you think will suit your storage needs. Put your things into the labeled boxes before putting them back into the space you just cleared out.

In terms of clothing…

If you haven’t worn it in a year, absolutely get rid of it. If it has some kind of sentimental value AND you haven’t worn it in a year, try to make an outfit with it, right now. If you still can’t make it work, you guessed it. Throw it in the donation box. Categorize your clothing when putting it back into your closet. If you’re putting it back into a drawer, this technique is a favorite of mine. My drawer always looks like this and it saves me a lot of time in the morning hunting for clothing.

For the spaces you toss your junk into…

If you’re like me and have a crafting habit, (or at least a craft supplies purchasing habit), your craft space probably could use some help too. Fold or roll up all of your spare fabrics. If you bought it for a specific project six months ago, and still haven’t finished the project, get rid of it. Face the fact that you’re never going to use it. That’s okay. Donate it so someone else can finish it for you.

Did I mention storage?

Boxes, bins, organizers, hangers, off the door hooks, etc. Get them all cheap at a secondhand store or sale rack and USE THEM. If you don’t use them in this particular organizing venture, I guarantee you will find a place that you can and will need them.

Now go dig into that nightmare space, rip it all out, and get to organizing! It will make you feel better and is a great way to productively procrastinate on other more mundane tasks.

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