Using 25 Headlines to gain a Successful Tweet

My inspiration to write all of these struck me during a rehearsal for Alice in Wonderland. Getting cues from conversations around me and in the script, here are the headlines I developed.

  1. Lost changed television forever.
  2. We couldn’t stop watching, then or now.
  3. If you haven’t seen it yet, you had better watch it now.
  4. Diverse, thrilling, mystery, heartbreak. Lost.
  5. Lost; One for the Ages
  6. It began and ended the same, it’s the middle you needed to see
  7. One of TV’s Best Drama’s, Here’s Why
  8. Lost, it had to end, but we wish it didn’t.
  9. We fell in love with Flight 815
  10. Two Halves of a plane and a group of islanders
  11. How Lost changed our hearts, and TV
  12. Grad the tissues, and a detective.
  13. A Whole New Story
  14. A plane crash was bad enough, let’s add monsters
  15. The survivors were just like us..
  16. A nice tropical beach? Perfect place for a plane crash.
  17. Twisted romance, family ties, and supernatural terror
  18. Palm trees, polar bears, and smoke monsters.
  19. “We have to live together or die alone,” More like die together or alone.
  20. Electro magnetism pulled the plane and us to the island.
  21. Rafts, boats, and helicopters couldn’t save them from their fate
  22. Fate, faith, and death on our screens.
  23. Lost on an island, and in life.
  24. If you’re looking for something to get addicted to, this is it.
  25. Questions upon questions we needed answers to.

There are quite a few that aren’t real winners, but I told myself to push through the bad ones and keep writing. Some of them didn’t turn out completely awful, such as these;

My initial article was posted to a fan page for Lost with 1.5k fans, which gained it quite a few more views than I think it would have gotten on its own. I am of this opinion because of the results my headlines got, or rather lack thereof. Here are the stats for the headlines I chose.

Not many interactions at all. Maybe a Facebook post would have improved results?

So I suppose, in terms of creative flow, I think using the 25 headlines method will get all of the bad headlines out of the way and let you dig in to a really good one. As for success using this method, if I had more followers I think it would be easier to see in the stats whether my headlines were successful in getting people to click on them.