7 Reasons I don’t need to ever do anything amazing with my life

Response to Raymmar Tirado’s “7 Reasons Why You Will Never Do Anything Amazing With Your Life.”

First off, Raymmar Tirado, you are absolutely right. Most of us will never be known for anything, and even if we were, we’d be forgotten. Life is amazing, but most of us are not, and neither is what we do on a daily basis. But you know what? That’s okay.

1: Because the journey of life, of growth and exploration is good enough.

Because mediocrity is okay, and when we share our mediocrity with others, we can celebrate the triumphs and failures together.

Because our passions are our own, and if language is our passion, we’ll learn it, but if not, we will learn what we want.

Because the job that we hate keeps us fed and clothed, and keeps a roof over our heads, and there is more to our lives than our careers.

Because we don’t need to learn something new all of the time, we’ll learn some things of course, but some things just aren’t interesting enough.

Because we also learn from our failures, but life has its ups and downs. We keep ourselves grounded during the bad times, and appreciate the good times all the more for it. We don’t need to be a sword, because chisels are more resilient.

2: Because we care about others.

Because fashion and trends are fun for some of us

Because we know that very few people are actually judging us, as we judge very few people. We work towards embracing our true selves and loving others despite the media telling us to be judgemental.

Because we care about anything that brings us joy, whether it’s a tangible object or the view of the beach at sunset. While you alienate others, we’ll do our best to make friends in the world we all fit into somehow.

3. Because we know we’re smart enough.

Because we learned what everyone should know.

Because we passed the tests, and employ the skills that we asked “Why do we need this in the real world?” about.

Because after we learned in school, we learned from our parents and mentors, our friends and coaches, and from ourselves. Even if we learned without realizing it.

Because most of us didn’t actually go to college, or stay very long, but we know enough to respect those that did, and still respect ourselves.

Because we can discuss a few topics in depth, and most topics for a little while, but we can always learn about things we don’t know.

Because we’re all surviving.

4. Because we consume media

Because we read and watch what sparks our interests

Because we are especially interested in some subjects over others.

Because we’re captivated by vapid programming as much as anyone else, but also by the thoughts of other humans.

Because we think critically about words written before us, by people who presume to be a better, smarter, more amazing type of person than anyone else.

Because we are not horses.

5. Because we follow our passions

Because we follow the news the best we can when everyone says that they’re the only ones telling the truth

Because we take general information with a grain of salt, and really inquire into the things that matter to us the most.

Because we know we know very little, but we know that you don’t know much either.

Because we learn about what we care about, and trust that others in our lives know more about the topics we don’t understand.

Because we enjoy playing games, but we also enjoy philosophy and science, even if we can’t quite wrap our heads around quantum mechanics.

Because we all waste our time on something different, but it doesn’t feel like a waste to us, whether it’s video editing, writing blog posts, or simpler entertainment.

Because we understand both sides of every argument, but perhaps we don’t have the power of persuasion. We can have a debate on subjects we are passionate about, but don’t pretend to know everything about every subject.

6. Because we know when to ask questions.

Because we choose to live where we choose to live, and listen to authority when appropriate, and host and attend protests, vote, or write letters to congress when it is not.

Because we recognize that we are ever a work in progress, but stand firmly behind our values as they develop.

Because we are never intentionally disrespectful, but challenge others in the appropriate format.

Because we never look to destroy people that think differently from us.

Because we think about others as much as you might, but as potential friends rather than as test subjects.

Because everyone says what they’re comfortable saying.

Because we know it’s okay to be ignorant about some things, but we ask questions even when we know they’re “stupid questions,” because everyone deserves to learn.

7. Because we know our own truth

We know that everyone should be treated equally, and we know that someone who claims to be better, or smarter than, everyone else is simply trying to feel special.

We know that everyone is special, is the hero of their own story, but ultimately average.

We know that we will one day be forgotten, and probably won’t make a major contribution to the world during our stay, but enjoy life anyways.

We are often tempted to call other people “sheeple,” but we know better, because we know that everyone else has individual thoughts much like we do, and that any of the “extras.” in our lives can become leading ladies or gentlemen (or something less binary).

We know that we will likely never leave behind a legacy, but that simply existing is amazing in itself, that just good enough is actually good enough, and that comparing ourselves to others is where we get into trouble.

So, Raymmar Tirado, thanks for your thoughts, I do see where you are coming from, but please don’t presume that everyone is “less than.” We are all in a quest for our own happiness, and there is no reason to think that we must do something different and amazing from others in order to acheive that.

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