What is Good Writing?

Writing is something that can be worked on and made better throughout the entire course of someone’s life. Some people have a natural ability to write and form great stories, yet even they need polishing and need to be shown certain techniques. These techniques are very vital to good writing.

First off, the reader must be taken into consideration whenever a piece is written. The writer must use good grammar and communicate effectively in order for the audience to understand what is trying to be said. The writing must also be attractive and appealing to the reader. The story being told needs to keep their attention to be considered good writing.

Good writing, when it comes to news and media, must contain specific details on exactly what happened. There must be no confusion about the story and it needs to be straight to the point. Not a lot of people want to read a very long article. Also, what makes a story interesting is conflict, which is some sort of argument or disagreement.

Media can sometimes be very biased and leave out facts in order to prove their side of the story. All facts should be used in good writing and the writer should tell the entire story. Honesty helps the reader form their opinion on the situation by viewing both sides of the story.

Good use of words makes good writing. The verbs should grab attention and make the writing lively. These types of sentences are called “active sentences”. However, the words should not be too elaborate to where people have a hard time understanding the story.

Writing should also be fresh, which means no plagiarism. The writing must also have a new topic that someone has not read about many of other times. New ideas are meant to be shared.

Lastly, respect is a huge aspect of good writing. Writing critically about someone is not bad but there needs to be a just reason, facts to back it up, and respect of the person or event being talked about. If all that is ever written is negative, the audience will most likely not want to read what is being said.

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