InvArch Embassy Update!

Casey Richardson
11 min readAug 3, 2022


In this article, I will tell you about the coming changes to the InvArch Ambassador Program and answer key questions about the Embassy we operate in:

What is InvArch?

Who are we?

What does an InvArch Ambassador do?

What do you need to become an InvArch Ambassador?

How much can you earn as an Ambassador?

What is changing about the InvArch Embassy?

What is InvArch?

InvArch is the IP Meta Protocol & Digital Rights Management Network of Web3. A Leading-Edge L1 Blockchain that Redefines the Future of Open-Source Composability & Human Innovation.

InvArch is the first blockchain of its kind, an IP asset & accelerated development hub only made possible thanks to blockchain technology and our founders who saw the opportunity to harness NFT technology and push it to a boundary never thought possible before. IP Asset Protection.

InvArch has since evolved from its original conceptualization to become a revolutionary network powered by three revolutionary protocols.

INV4 Protocol
OCIF (On-Chain Innovation Funding Protocol)
XCA (Cross-Chain Authentication Protocol)

You can watch this short explainer video to better understand these core protocols and what they achieve for Web3:

Who are we?

We are a community that is committed to helping anyone regardless of their location, gender, race, religion, etc. to be able to achieve true ownership over their Intellectual Property (IP). We are a group of innovators, creators, and advocates for intellectual property who hate to see original works stolen, credit given where it isn’t due, or a great idea die due to a lack of resources or connections.

Once InvArch is a parachain on Polkadot, anyone will be able to mint their IP similar to how one mints an NFT. InvArch will actively serve as the benchmark for IP protection in Web3 because it will allow anyone to be able to protect their realized IP for approximately $1 USD.

Rather than applying to receive a patent and hoping it will be approved (which costs roughly $15,000 on average), including the fact that these agencies offer zero protection for your IP, it is entirely your responsibility to keep up with your IP and go after any potential IP theft.

Thanks to the XCA protocol, if someone attempts to steal your IP by trying to attempt to mint it as their own that is too similar to something already protected, it will be flagged within 36 seconds and the original owner of the IP will be notified of the attempted act of plagiarism.

What does an InvArch Ambassador do?

As an InvArch Ambassador, there are many things you are able to do to contribute to the project. The building of our community and the Ambassadors program has been has been completely organic from the ground up on all fronts, and we are supercharging things to the max!

InvArch ARMY members are able to earn VARCH tokens for retweeting our content to share with their followers. They also are able to produce Designs and Articles that are relevant to the theme announced by the Moderation CORE each week to then possibly be featured in official InvArch or Tinkernet content. If an ARMY member's content is selected not only are they referenced for their work in the official content published by InvArch, but the winner also earns some VARCH tokens as well!

This drives some friendly competition amongst ARMY members to produce high-quality designs and articles. If you are highly skilled in a certain niche and have flawless English skills, such as video creation/production, moderation/translation, or leading podcasts as a host in the past then you may be a good fit for one of our CORE roles!

Our CORE roles are reserved for individuals who are able to produce high-quality professional content about InvArch & Tinkernet. CORE members need to have a good understanding of the tech that the project has developed and is continuing to develop as the network grows. CORE members also need to have a good standing in our community and must undergo a live interview to secure the position.

To provide you with a more thorough description please see below:

Newcasters (CORE): Ambassadors selected for this role must be based out of the U.S. (no exceptions). These individuals will be responsible for providing bi-weekly community breakdowns. Feature guest hosts relevant to InvArch & Tinkernet. Hold special events for the community. Provide regular updates to the community by using videos. Hold a bi-weekly community Twitter space. Only 3 individuals will fill this role and they must also have unique InvArch specific profiles. To be selected you will be required to have a live interview, you should also have previous experience doing something similar and have amazing communication skills, these individuals also must be able to speak, read, and write perfect English.

Moderators (CORE) — Responsible for overseeing the InvArch Community Discord Server, the Ambassador Program Server, and the Subreddit.
Moderators help ensure that the community is functioning the way it is meant to. Moderators keep Proof of Attendance Logs (P.A.L.) for VARCH allocations. They check for scams/phishing attempts, ban members who do not follow community guidelines and ensure that the community remains a healthy and happy environment for everyone to participate in. Moderators also often act as Translators!

To become a Moderator in our community you must go through a live interview. Being a Moderator in a different Ambassador Program or community in the past is an asset, but you must also possess good writing skills since you will be communicating with the community on a regular basis.

Translators (CORE) — Ambassadors who are translating for us are also Moderators who are trusted in their communities. They will provide translations into the language they natively speak of InvArch related articles and official content in order to help facilitate growth in diverse communities.
If you’re interested in becoming a translator, you need to be able to pass a translation test, be a Moderator in the CORE already, and possess a good technical understanding so you don’t get confused or lost in translation.

Videographer (CORE) — Ambassadors selected for this position will be expected to be able to produce premium 3D animations to help promote InvArch and Tinkernet using videos that use 3D animation to entice our viewers to keep watching and also learn about our project and the technology. You need to be able to provide a portfolio of past works to prove yourself.

Designers (General ARMY Members) — Community designers are ARMY members who will create premium high quality graphics that are consistent with branding. Community designers are also encouraged to produce and images to promote InvArch or Tinkernet. The content produced by our designers will be used directly by InvArch, any original content created will be credited to the creator in our posts made directly by the InvArch & Tinkernet accounts.

Authors (General ARMY Members) — Army members are encouraged to write articles that are between 6–8 minute reads in clear understandable English. Articles need to have clear, readable English and focus directly on InvArch and or Tinkernet. Articles should focus on a multitude of subjects, such as: How these Parachains will affect the ecosystem and Web3? How these technologies bolster already existing tech in Web3 or Dotsama. How InvArch’s technology is unique and never before seen.

You can even write an article just talking about why you love the project and the community. As long as your article is accurate and passionate, and it sticks with the selected theme, it has a chance of being selected as a winner! (Credit is also cited to the author!)

Ambassador Army — Ambassadors who are part of the Ambassador Army can expect to be assigned regular tasks to share content created by members of our CORE team & InvArch team directly to help promote InvArch. ARMY members are also able to compete to win VARCH tokens for the best Designs, and Articles they can create promoting InvArch & Tinkernet.
Ambassadors are expected to show their support for the project! Make sure to like our videos on YouTube, clap our Medium articles 50 times when one is published, and of course liking, quote retweeting Twitter content as requested.

What do you need to become an InvArch Ambassador?

To become an InvArch Ambassador you must have applied to our Ambassador Program. We have updated the application form in light of these changes.

We now have separated the ARMY member and CORE member application forms for individuals who only want to apply for one role.

You are able to submit an application to both, as it is likely you will be accepted into the program faster as an ARMY member (Term limits and Ambassador Program size are factors we consider.)

ARMY application:
CORE application:

Once you have submitted an application just remain patient! We do not reject anyone's application. If you remain an active community member and engaged in community discussions, create content to showcase your strengths and what you can bring to benefit our project and Ambassador program it strengthens your likelihood of being accepted sooner.

If you apply and are not initially accepted and do not remain active or engaged in the community it is likely you will not receive an invitation to the Embassy.

Members who apply to become Ambassadors are expected to possess a general understanding of InvArch and Tinkernet, the different protocols that power these networks, and be able to describe InvArch or Tinkernet to someone accurately, as the primary goal as an Ambassador is to help bring new members to our community! Ambassadors need to maintain professionalism when interacting with our community and always help to keep our community a warm and welcoming environment for everyone.

How much can you earn as an Ambassador?

We are proud to say that since the beginning of the InvArch Ambassador Program we have been one of the most rewarding programs in all of Web3 and Dotsama.

As it stands now we wanted to increase the transparency between our community members who desire to become ambassadors so they understand the rewards they are receiving for their time and efforts spent to promote and further expand our community!

Future ambassadors and current ambassadors can expect the following VARCH allocations for their works!

Community Moderators (CORE): 20,000/10,000 $VARCH Monthly for submitted P.A.L.

Community Newscasters (CORE): 100,000 $VARCH Monthly.

Community Author: 30,000 $VARCH per article for the best article voted on via creation flow.

Community Translators: (CORE)4,000 $VARCH per translated article.
Community Designers: 2,000 $VARCH for a design voted on via creation flow.

Videographers: (CORE) 150,000 $VARCH per featured premium 3D animation.

Ambassador ARMY: 200 $VARCH for like/RT on Twitter and 40+ claps on Medium if applicable.

What is changing about the InvArch Embassy?

We are changing quite a bit with this Ambassador Program update. We are no longer going to be using the points system we have used since the very beginning of the Ambassador Program. Instead, certain tasks and positions come with certain VARCH allocations that are totally transparent (see the “How much can you earn as an Ambassador?” section for these numbers).

There are new application forms for both ARMY and CORE positions that are more extensive in helping us determine if you will be a good fit for the position you have applied for.

CORE members: if selected must also undergo an online interview to secure their position. This is to allow the Community Manager to ask any necessary questions of the candidate in question and also get a sense of their understanding of the project.

  • The Moderation CORE will now vote on multiple topics to select a theme for the week. (For example: “This week the Moderation CORE has selected SIPA as a topic/theme.”)
  • Now for that week, the ARMY members would not only earn VARCH for the content we ask them to share in the #challenge-center channel but several lucky ambassadors would earn additional VARCH if their content (articles, designs) are selected to be featured by the Moderation CORE once again voting to select the winners. These things are all explained in the Creation Flow seen below:

1. Ecosystem Development votes on n unique topics.
2. The top X topics win.
3. The Ambassadors have a week to prepare an article for 1 theme of this week, any ambassadors can submit their variants.
[7 days]
4. Moderation Core votes for the best article.
[3 days]
5. Articles are submitted, proofread and reviewed/corrected.
6. Articles are forwarded to translators and translated.
[4 days]
7. Growth strategist chooses Z outlets to push article to.
8. Graphic requests are submitted to designers.
9. Designers prepare their variants of designs for the article.
[4 days]
10. The ARMY votes for the best designs.
[3 days]
11. Articles are scheduled for publication.
12. Official Social Media posts are prepared and posted.
13. After publishing/tweeting, immediately push to Army in the #challenge-center.
14. CM shares to external target platforms.
[9 hrs]
15. The Army Likes/Quotes tweet, The Army shares in a thread. The Army Claps {40+] the Article on medium. [7 days] (Special Requests may apply)
16. CM posts Embassy application form where receptive.
17. Moderators submit P.A.Ls records
[5 days]
18. CM audits & administers new token allocations

All of our Ambassadors are encouraged to produce high-quality articles and designs relating to either InvArch or Tinkernet with a selected topic/theme each week from the Moderation CORE.

Once an article and designs are selected to be featured the creators of the article and designs earn VARCH for being featured and are also credited when the official InvArch or Tinkernet account publishes the content, therefore exposing our ambassador's creations to all of our followers.

With these changes, we are allowing our ambassadors to have the potential to earn additional VARCH tokens for their hard work if they are selected to be featured, as well as directly assist in voting and finalizing the creation flow process.

Thank you for your interest in joining our Ambassador Program and reading about the changes we are implementing in the Embassy.

👉 Remember, if you want to become an Ambassador, make sure to apply!
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