Femme Fatale

She Sauntered In And Delivered Death With A Kiss

The readers were all in a frenzy. The warning signs were all there, but they didn’t notice them until it was too late. You see, the comics were coming from inside the house…It’s this week’s fresh comics!

Greetings Jammers and welcome to this week’s fresh comics. The topic this week is Femme Fatale, a trope as old as time an archetype as old as rhyme or something. The idea of a femme fatale really can be traced back to antiquity whether we are talking about Eve in Genesis or Aphrodite in ancient Greece. The ancient fear of feminine strength and sexuality became an archetype for female characters that would seduce and ensnare their lovers with an almost supernatural power that leading many a man to his doom.

Today we explore that in four comics from our contributing creative teams. Enjoy, peeps!