Quick Tidbit: On when to call my parents

A couple days ago, I found myself at an underground comedy show with my girlfriend. There were less than 30 people in attendance, and the comics weren’t that energetic because of it. Even though everyone was laughing, there was an emptiness in the room. Each comic commented that the crowd was bad in some way or another, which made the whole night seem a little awkward.

But I digress from the main point of this quick article:

One of the comedians (my favorite of the night) brought up the point that on average, people today call their parents much less than 20 years ago (not sure where he got his information from, or if it is valid at all, but it made me think.) He said, the primary reason is….the internet. Before, people would call their parents for all kinds of advice, questions, and concerns. Today, people don’t do that as much because they have an instant encyclopedia in their pocket. And I agree with all of that.

I don’t use my parents to data mine things that I do not know. I use the internet for that. I call my parents because I want to know how they are doing, and inform them on my life.

But, I live on one side of the country, and my parents on the other. We see each other in person about 3 times a year, and it can be hard. While FaceTime, email, and text messages have helped, it’s not the same as the feeling one gets when they can just reach out and hug someone.

When I call my parents now- it is much more like a status update than being a part of each other’s lives, which saddens me. I get caught up with what is right in front of me, and I can be very out of sight, out of mind. I know I have to do a better job of keeping my parents in my life more, because I am so fortunate to have them.

The comedian ended his joke saying he’s glad he doesn’t have to ask his parents the questions he asks the internet (examples: raunchy), and he hoped that people of the past weren’t that open as well. I think it’s great that we have all of this technology in front of us, but it also makes us extremely lazy. Maybe it’s just putting on a different state of mind- ending the status updates, and replacing them with actual conversation.