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Saturday night will see soccer in the upstate getting back to some semblance of normal as fans will be allowed back to Legacy Early Field for the Triumph’s match against the Chattanooga Red Wolves. The team has put some very conservative protocols in place to keep fans, players, and staff as safe as possible.

While the big story will be fans in the stands, this Triumph team is a quarter of the way through the season and currently sits well atop the league standings. …

Photo by: Brittany Hildreth

The USL League One season is in full swing, but the season will never quite feel fully up-and-running until we get the first meeting on Greenville and Tormenta. Last season, this was the marquee rivalry in the league and the two teams split their results about as evenly as they could.

Wednesday’s match is unique though. These teams are both undefeated through three matches and sit numbers one and two in the standings. If either side can notch a victory, it could go a long way to cementing their spot atop the rankings for quite some time.

What to Watch For:

  • A Rivalry Renewed…

Photo by: Brittany Hildreth

There are a lot of question marks surrounding the Triumph’s match scheduled for Friday night in Wisconsin. And while we are always #TeamNoMingo here at, our first concern in this unique season is the health and wellbeing of the players, staff, and fans involved in this league.

I must admit that it is hard to preview this match knowing what we know, and what is rumored, regarding the various elements involved, but I will do my best. Let’s dive in.

What to Watch For:

  • Will the match happen?: Tuesday morning brought a grim rumor surround the league as a whole, and the Greenville…

(Photo by: Brittany Hildreth)

It has been a minute.

Seriously, 2020 has been quite a ride thus far. And while we are not done with the pandemic and turmoil that have radically changed our reality over the last several months, soccer is back.

I have mixed feelings about all of this if I’m being completely transparent. On one hand, I’m ecstatic to have back a piece of normalcy. I’m elated to be able to tune in to the sport I love, the teams I love, and the players I love watching.

But, I’m also concerned. At what risk, and potentially price, are we getting…

The NCAA College Basketball Tournament, better known as “March Madness,” was supposed to kick off yesterday.

Supposed to…

But that was before COVID-19 struck a blow to the functional world around us. Sports are for many an escape. A distraction from the hard things in our lives. While there are far bigger and more pressing issues than missing out on our sports fix at the moment, we are in need of some distraction more now than perhaps ever before.

So without sports on our televisions, and knowing that our beloved Greenville Triumph won’t be playing matches until mid-May at the…

Photo by: Brittany Hildreth

I have a secret.

My name is Chris Ashley and I write and podcast about soccer. My primary focus is soccer in Greenville, SC, although I have been known to write about other things at Soccer ’N’ Sweet Tea and the Mint City Chronicle at times.

But, I have a secret.

During the 2019 inaugural season for the Greenville Triumph Soccer Club, I split my time between two places: in my reserved seat on the front row at midfield (perfect positioning to yell at the opposing coach, opposing players, and 4th official) and on the field (behind one of the…

On Wednesday night, soccer fans from around the upstate gathered at Brewery 85’s new event center for not one, but two major announcements from the Greenville Triumph. While the rest of the sports ecosphere was seemingly coming unglued at the seams, Triumph fans had reason to celebrate with new libations and attire.

The first announcement of the evening was the most expected of the two. When a team decides to hold an event at a brewery and promotes it as a “partnership” launch, you know you are getting a team-branded beer. …

Photo by: Brittany Hildreth

Saturday’s 1–0 victory over the Charleston Battery was not just exciting because it meant that soccer is back, it was also the first time that fans got a peek and some of the players on trial with the team. While you might not have known their names or anything about them, you were able to watch and see if they have “it.”

Well, I’ve done some digging to find as much info as I could on the trialists and I want to bring everyone up to speed. Let’s jump in!

Alex Tejera — Forward

Tejera is a product of the New York Red Bulls…

Photo by: Brittany Hildreth

It was a chilly February afternoon at Legacy Early Field on Saturday, but man it felt great to be back! The Triumph kicked off their preseason slate, filled with USL Championship sides, by welcoming the oldest continually operating professional soccer team in America to the upstate for the second-ever Palmetto Derby. But unlike last season’s US Open Cup meeting, this time the Triumph prevailed in a gritty 1–0 performance.

Let’s jump in and survey the good and bad from the match.

What Looked Good:

  • The push into the attacking third — Last season, the Triumph lived by their defense. One of the biggest…

Our Greenville expert takes a look at the USL League One title game, the odds against North Texas SC, and at just how much this team means to him.

(Photo Credit: Brittany Hildreth)

In this week’s Monday edition of the Soccer ‘n’ Sweet Tea newsletter, I was called a “lunatic.” Not surprisingly, this was not the first time I had heard that sentiment following Greenville Triumph SC’s 1–0 semifinal victory over Lansing Ignite FC on Saturday night.

The question is why?

Why was I (lovingly?) referred to as a lunatic by the overlords of the SNST ecosystem?

Why did my wife look at with me with complete disbelief and incomprehension?

Why am I on a constant caffeine drip in preparation for this weekend?

The answer is simple. Your boy is heading to Texas.

Chris Ashley

Covering Greenville soccer through both the written and spoken word. Check out Soccer ’n’ Sweet Tea and Yeah, THAT Soccer Show.

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