Last day to submit your KYC document to participate in PreICO

We are overwhelmed by the response from the community after our Token sale announcement. Prior to the Public sale, we are accepting applications for the Pre Sale which is closing today on 30th OCT 2017.

During Pre Sale, KYC document verification is required for each participant. If you have already submitted your document and account is not approved then send your KYC documents to

We have received more than 6,000 PreSale applications so far and our compliance team is working continuously to evaluate them. All the applications submitted by 30th OCT will be evaluated by 2nd November 2017. Participants will get 48 hrs to make the payment after the account is approved.

Accepted currencies in Pre Sale are

Last date for application submission for PreSale: 30th OCT 2017

The last date to provide additional documentation for participant already applied: 2nd NOV 2017

Minimum Amount to participate in pre Sale: 15,000 USD

Bonus Slab in PreSale:

  1. Above 15,000 USD : 60%
  2. Above 75,000 USD: 80%
  3. Above 175,000 USD: 100%

Want to buy or trade CAS Tokens? Our Token Pre-Sale is running.


Team Cashaa
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