Meeting new cryptocurrency — Cashberycoin

Transaction tool of new Generation

Cashbery Coin is an internal transactional instrument of the new generation. Cashbery cryptocurrency is an ideal value transferring resource for the Cashbery Ecosystem environment due to high speed transaction and low fee. The Cashbery Ecosystem provides decentralized currency for end customers, and the possibility of attracting new participants into business operations and loyalty schemes for a businessperson, because Cashbery Coin is easy to use, safe, and transparent.

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Application of the distributed registry, in which all data is synchronized with the whole network, almost completely except possibilities of fraud, double сharges, chargeback, and unauthorized transactions.

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CashberyCoin was created for solving different problems of currencies that exist in the market, like Bitcoin and Etherium, which have no sufficient speed of transaction, are not decentralized enough. Besides, they have a quite high transaction fee due to nature of initial implementation.

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