Providence is a casino that operates 100% cashless and only allows the use of cryptocurrencies with advanced blockchain technology. The casinos are mostly places that have been built to relax.
The Providence Casino will create a condusive atmosphere that casino customers usually want.The building will be used for dancing and music, as well as gambling. These days, casino games have enabled popular culture, from cinema to technology and more. TV shows are also inspired by casinos, with contestants relying on spinning wheels.gambling in hidden contents of a secret box in a deal or no deal. Most casinos are built near or combined with hotels, restaurants, retail, shopping, cruise shops or other attractions. such as casino providence,built with all of these above so any individual or gamer who does not know where they are, when coming to a hotel or restaurant, will be aware that gambling and other adrenaline stimulating games are ongoing. there. Online gambling is currently the largest industry in terms of profitability on the internet.This is because so many avid players and gamblers around the world that sports betting sites and online casinos receive thousands if not millions of visitors who receive thousands if not millions of visitors every day. And add the number of people who really-
really have no experience playing in a real casino or a real physical sports book and now want to take a picture on an online gambling site. Internet-based games will no doubt come to surpass the conventional offline games quickly in terms of the diligent number of gamblers and the amount of money put on the table.Here are some reasons why online games prove to be more useful than offline or other casino versions. First, the online gambling casino trustees offer more bonuses for avid players, secondly,You can enjoy the convenience of playing wherever you are as long as you can connect to the internet and pay with crypto which is not easily obtainable in other casino centers. . In addition, you can also do whatever you want to do when you play online. But some players are against this,they prefer to go to the physical casino, sit with other players also entertain themselves with drinks and other things as they play the game. That is why providence also creates a physical casino for the category of people who are in the country. Finally,online gambling gambling offers a more flexible and diverse range of play platforms. If you find yourself not winning in certain types of games, you may always switch to the game room or other table easily without moving a bit from your comfortable seat. So,maintenance is proven to work with offline games but mostly online because it is more advantageous to players and not limited to players of people in the country but also in every part of the country. Providence also uses a decentralized, anonymous trust for the gaming industry that can be achieved through blockchain technology.
Application of this blockchain technology will help reduce some risk and fraud in the physical casino which is one of the maintenance purposes.
Providence allows players to work in a physical casino and swap their cryptoes that are a PVE token for casino chips,they will be allowed to play casino games that stimulate their choice of adrenaline, as it is proven to work as cash. companies, blockchain technology and exchange networks will be introduced to every retail receptive in the casino, including restaurants and other restaurants.

Thanks to Blockchain technology and integration into Providence Exchange, customers will be able to go through the physical Providence casino and exchange crypto-currencies for chips that will allow them to play their favorite adrenaline game at the casino. In fact, Providence will allow players to turn cryptography into a fun and useful asset in the physical world,
considering key problems with real solutions. Blockchain technology allows you to reduce the cost of conversion in the game and retail sectors of the resort. For complex comfort, the stake offer generates revenues at the current exchange rate.

Any revenue generated by assimilated from retail will be stored gradually at a rate pegged to the current currency rate. Providence will introduce tokens called PVE tokens with other major crypts as they launch platforms.
Join the world record-breaking platform on their ICO
ICO Period
Sale of pre-token starting on October 4, 2017 (UTC 7:00 pm) and ending on October 18, 2017 (19:00 GMT) will take two weeks. The 35% bonus will be applied to the number of tokens purchased and the minimum contribution amount is 5 ETH (above which 35% bonus will be applied).
The primary token sale begins in November 2017 (the exact date will be announced) and ends with 30 days after the start date (30 days from the sales duration)

The minimum contribution amount is 0.05ETH and 600 PVE tokens will be purchased against 1ETH

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