With the launch of our new and improved app, we added new saving plans and features to help our customers save better. We thought it wise to create a new savings plan where friends, family, colleagues or just some cool random people can come together to save for a particular purpose and earn up to 10% p.a in interest. The new saving plan, “Cliques”, helps you do just that. Cliques is a group savings plan that allows you to save with other people.

How do I get started?

Easy-peasy. All you need to do is navigate to your dashboard, scroll down to “Get Started” and…

WHO (World Health Organization) has officially declared coronavirus a pandemic, and it’s no longer news that it is spreading fast across the world. We all have to do our best to help reduce the spread of this deadly disease. In times like this, panic is usually what many people resolve to but that is actually the worst way to handle this. Now is not the time to panic and make rash decisions.

At CashBox, we have come up with answers to one of the questions everyone is asking “What to do with your money”. Here are the answers:

Leave your investments alone.

Most advisors…

Our savers are our partners, without you there is no us. So this month of November, we have decided to reward many of our savers.

All through the month, grow your savings balance to at least ₦5,000 and stand a chance to win ₦20,000 each in our lucky live draw which will be happening at the end of the month.

Remember, you can save as low as ₦100 on CashBox, just keep saving and make sure your balance is at least ₦5,000 by month end so you can stand a chance to win! …

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Affluence is a status everybody wants to attain in their lifetime. Many of us look at millionaires and billionaires with such admiration and worship that reflect the respect money effortlessly commands in our society. But there is one vice that has held many from living to their full potential and achieving their goals in life - Bad habit.

For centuries habits have served as the causative factor for many situations man found himself in, whether good or bad. The scores of death, sickness, insanity, divorce, poverty, crime etc have all been linked to man’s unchecked lifestyles — unhealthy habits. Conversely…

Life is not easy especially for those who toil day and night to make ends meet. The hustle is real. The traffic, sweat, chaos is on another level. Only the determined survive because there is something for everyone. This is the life of a true hustler.

Sometimes I’m called cheap, other times I’m called frugal, and occasionally I am called a frivolous spender. It’s funny how my spending habits appear to different people. Over the years, I’ve switched spending habits from one lane to another, lol 😂

Right now, I don’t just spend money anyhow, I spend money on things that I value and help me enjoy life, like: traveling (local or international), buying things that are not just cheap but things I believe have value.

I haven’t always been this frugal. Just a few years ago, i had a steady paying job but i was…

Money is a big a deal and sometimes difficult to hang onto. Some people find it difficult to balance their spending and saving habits, so take this advice and you won’t be going broke.

1.Keep your regular and savings account separate; Your regular and savings account should be kept separately to monitor one’s spending. Your savings account like your Cashbox account is suitable to save your money effectively and efficiently.

We have lots of scarce resources and money happens to be a major one. We all have needs and wants but lack the necessary funds to cater for all our needs. We can’t always have it all especially when our basic income is relatively low. Most people already finish their income before they receive it and is left with nothing for the month due to loans, bills or even overspending.

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CashBox is a FREE digital savings platform that is easy to use, safe and can be accessed from any location all from the comfort of a mobile phone, computer or tablet. To better explain the app to our users, we came up with this short video 😉.

At the beginning of each year, we all come up with New Year’s resolutions like get in shape, start eating healthier food (and less food overall), become more confident and take some chances, earn more money, learn to be happier with your life and so on. Some of us even go as far as saying, “get out of debt and start saving money”. However, it’s June already, six months to the end of the year and you have not achieved any of your goals especially the one to do with savings. Why do I find it hard to save? One…


Save “small small” and also earn high interest on savings. Visit cashboxng.com to start saving.

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