Lawsuit Funding Company in Millburn, NJ

We partner with specialty finance firms that advance lawsuit funds to plaintiffs across the country regarding most pending personal injury and negligence cases. These lawsuit advances are either one-time or periodic in nature, do not require any monthly interest payments, and are all non-recourse lawsuit advances — meaning if you lose your case, you owe nothing. When it comes to Cash For Lawsuits in the US, we can fund in all ELIGIBLE states. Apply online or contact us at 1–800–495-CASH (2274).

By offering non-recourse products with no monthly interest payments, these firms have helped many clients pursue their lawsuit longer, which in certain instances has produced higher settlement figures. By advancing funds during the life of the case, clients have the ability to reject a low offer made by the defense, which allows the plaintiff and their attorney more time to see the lawsuit through to its entirety. Additionally, all our advances are non-recourse, meaning in the event a plaintiff loses their case, they owe the firm providing the advance nothing.

We understand how difficult this time may be for you. Our network of experienced underwriters have been trained in all types of personal injury cases to match you with a suitable program to fit your needs as quick as possible. We offer a free, no-obligation analysis that is kept confidential and usually takes no more than 15 minutes to apply. Please contact us today to see how Cash For Lawsuits can help you achieve your goals.

About Lawsuit Advances. What Cases Will Cash For Lawsuits Fund?

All the finance firms Cash For Lawsuits partners with have vast experience providing lawsuit advances to plaintiffs involved in a wide variety of cases. If you don’t see your particular situation or case listed below, give us a call or fill out the online application so that we can determine which lawsuit advance is right for you.

Auto Accident Lawsuit Funding

In just an instant, a motor vehicle accident can change your life forever. Auto accidents often cause severe injuries and disabilities, leading to steep medical bills, an inability to work, difficulty paying for basic living expenses, and financial and emotional stress. Auto accident lawsuit funding company can help you get the settlement or award you deserve, rather than accepting a low settlement because of cash or time constraints.

Slip- Trip and Fall Lawsuit Funding/ Premises Liability Lawsuit Funding

Many use the terms slip-trip and fall or premises liability to refer to a personal injury lawsuit in which a person slips, trips, or falls, or is injured on someone else’s property. “Slip and Fall” lawsuits fall under the broader category of “premises liability” cases, because slip and fall accidents often occur on someone else’s property (or “premises”). Dangerous conditions such as torn carpeting, changes in flooring, poor lighting, narrow stairs, wet floors, cracked sidewalks, or hidden hazards can cause slip and fall accidents.

Often, owners of the premises where slip and fall accidents take place, including municipalities and private property holders, deny responsibility and delay resolution of the claims, forcing the injured person to wait years for the lawsuit to settle.

Here’s the first step to getting you the lawsuit funds you need. Please fill in the information below and we will have a representative contact you within 24 hours to discuss lawsuit settlement funding options. The more information you provide the better assessment we will be able to make regarding your pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

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