There are a handful of things I would have liked to hear when I was considering enrolling in a coding bootcamp. I thought I’d share them here, in case I can give others that last motivational push to take the leap of faith. Here are my thoughts:

Just by signing up, you’re a winner.

Enrolling in a bootcamp takes some serious guts. Leaving behind a stable job and regular pay can be daunting. Even if your job is not stable or comfortable, going 12+ weeks without pay is extremely scary. Just keep this in mind: you’re making a career change…


I shot my first elk in Colorado during the first rifle season in 2016. It was a five-day season, and I had a cow tag. I took off work unpaid to hunt all five days. Four friends and I set up a wall tent at the end of a long forest service road, next to a trailhead that gave us access to miles and miles of road-less country. We woke up before the sun every morning and hiked in over two miles to get to where we thought the elk would be.

We started spotting elk on day…

I started hunting in my early twenties, right after I graduated from college and got my first full-time job. Prior to that, I never hunted, not even once. As a result, when I began to build my hunting kit, I did so from scratch. I felt like I was wading waist-deep through endless gear options. Along the way, I made some bad decisions. One of my most memorable mistakes lead me to buy a heavy parka so warm that after six years I still haven’t encountered a day cold enough to warrant wearing it. It was a lesson learned, and…

Travis Cashion

Born and raised in beautiful Colorado. Devoted husband and obsessed with spending time in the wilderness, in that order. Blog:

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