Mikhail Peleg is a well-known logo creator.

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Sep 16, 2018 · 1 min read

He was born in Israel however experienced childhood in America. He graduated in 1991 from the Academy of Applied Arts Bezalel where he was sharping his design skills with extraordinary intrigue. Amid his investigations he got stipends from American-Israeli Cultural Organization three times. Somewhat later, in 2006 his works were awarded for its great results and accomplishments by Communication Arts. His business journey began in Tel-Aviv and inevitably, he turned into the proprietor of the organization called PMdesigners. At this moment the organization working in branding and corporate uniqueness and in the meantime working with popular brands in Israel, for example, Kodak, WIZO, PAZ Oil Company, Kornit, Celtro and others. Look at the fundamental works of Mikhail Peleg on the site http://www.pmdesigners.com. His works speak to the primary concern, the extent that it has an association and is related with a specific firm. His works speak to an inviting soul that we can find in the logo of Kodak Israel. It is two individuals who walk as an inseparable unit as a yellow foundation and a red front. The companionship is rousing him to be imaginative. A lovely rabbit, which is a logotype of Shmoopy reveals the safety of their products, because this brand deals kids’ stuff. A beautiful indication of the Israeli Oil Companies Union can be found in a brilliant last letter of the brand Celtro.