Couple of points in response:
Jeric Kison

And again, if that’s how the “conscientious” pro-lifer chooses to vote, that’s their choice but they still need to own up to what they’re putting in office when they do so. If you vote for someone who is campaigning on the promise of doing away with social safety nets, to not raise minimum wage and otherwise make the country even more inhospitable to the poor, all because they are pro-life (even though most politicians have absolutely no say in the legality of abortion), you’re supporting all of those things.

And really, if pro-lifers really want to reduce harm, they’d support things like Planned Parenthood, comprehensive sex education, higher wages and universal healthcare. These things actually reduce unplanned pregnancies and increase the likelihood of someone with an unplanned pregnancy being able to afford to carry to term. When politicians are put into office solely because they say they oppose abortion but then push for changes that make it more likely for abortion to happen, the excuse of minimizing harm doesn’t really hold up.