10 Things I Had to Give Up to Heal My Anxiety
Benjamin Foley

As I went through your list, I lost count of how often I rolled my eyes because of the most important missing steps. Upon reaching number nine, I realized why, although from the title, it should have already been obvious. You didn't "cure" anxiety and this list isn't some brilliant secret bullet. You alleviated your stress (and mostly, in a manner that less privileged couldn't even consider applying to their own lives.) Anxiety, as in a debilitating mental health disorder, should be treated by professionals. Those psychiatrists and therapists and mental health professionals you blame for "labeling" their patients actually know what they're doing. They studied for many years and have worked with countless patients to help them manage conditions that cannot be cured but can be treated. Many of us who have anxiety (not just stress) are able to function thanks to those professionals with their labels (and yes, the label helps a lot - how in the hell do you go about addressing a problem you can't even identify?!) Dismissing them and their work because you were able to "cure" yourself with magic thinking and avoiding the part of the world that stress you out speaks of your privilege and ignorance of those who actually suffer from anxiety disorders.

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