The Art of Discussion

For what it's worth, while I can definitely understand how you wouldn't want that moment to have gotten the spotlight like it did and even how you'd think it was not one of your finer moments, you were also giving voice to something a lot of women feel when they're talked down to by people who refuse to even consider their views or how they might have formed them but would rather assume and tell them just how wrong they are. The thing is, you're right about the art of discussion dying but, having been in far too many one sided discussions with the sort of people who inspired that second post of yours and all too often, no matter who calm and well versed you are when you answer, it makes no difference. All too often, they've already made up their mind and will not attempt to see any point of view besides their own. Sometimes, it can be very cathartic to answer back with sarcasm and snark or even just to read someone doing the same. So, maybe not a moment your super proud of but it did do some good and I know there are plenty who appreciated it.

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