My Open Letter to Conservatives
Conservative Black Man

While we may not agree on politics, I greatly respect what you're trying to do here as well as how respectfully and calmly your attempt is being made. As someone who has struggled to explain to people the discrimination I face for gender, sexual orientation and disability, o can empathize. I don't envy you the task ahead. Even among the more liberally inclined, I find far too many people are convinced that racism, both systemic and personal, either does not exist or only exists in small, isolated incidents that have nothing to do with them. We, as white people, are told as children that racism ended with MLK, that everyone has the same rights now and the same opportunities, that were all equal now. We're taught to be "color-blind" and to despise overt racism, which we're told is isolated to the KKK and that one racist uncle who we all tolerate because he's family and "well, he never actually hurt a black person, even if he doesn't like them." All the while subtle racism is ingrained into us from day one. It's difficult trying to make people see something they've never been able to experience, something they've been told is a relic of the past, something they've been convinced they despise all while doing it. Even when offering hard facts and case after case of blatant proof, getting through to people is rarely easy. I hope you are able to reach some though and wish you the best in your efforts.