One of the oldest casino in London losses money

Venerable London Ritz Club Casino has published income statement. However, either because of slowness due to age or because of the commitment to old traditions, the data relate only until 2015 year. And most of these data are not pleased with the owners of establishments.

According to CalvinAyre site in the documents submitted Ritz Club gaming regulator, said that the net loss for the previous year amounted to 12.8 million pounds. Net profit also in 2014 amounted to slightly more than 5.2 million pounds. Turnover in 2015 reached 38.4 million, but it is significantly less than that of the previous year — in 2014 it amounted to almost 67 million. The cost of sales also fell to 41.3 million pounds compared with 52.6 million in 2014.

The existence of these, frankly, are not the best indicators of the company explains the “low winning percentage” at the tables, as well as “a lot of gambling debts that were left by customers in the past year.”

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