How The Gambling Industry Affects The Global Economy

Casino Release
Sep 9, 2015 · 2 min read

Online gambling is highly beneficial to the global economy and has numerous advantages and positive effects, shows the special report by Casino Release.

Casino Release Special Report: How The Gambling Industry Affects The Global Economy

Online casino and gambling guide Casino Release issued a special report How The Gambling Industry Affects The Global Economy, the first of the series of publications that deal with the gambling industry, in which it presented the results and conclusions of its detailed analysis.

Casino Release conducted a studious research on all of the benefits the online casino and gambling industry has on the local, regional and global economy. Aware of the fact that online gambling is often perceived as a dangerous business that can easily get out of hand, the gambling guide tried to show that it is also plays a significant role in today’s society.

As presented in the report, online gambling provides funds for companies and institutions that provide it or are part of the business, as well as for the players whose past time activity can turn into a lucrative and successful lifetime career.

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How The Gambling Industry Affects The Global Economy

Higher employment rates and support for budgets

The special report includes numerous examples of research and statistic results that support the claim that online gambling helps to increase employment rates in countries that allow it.

Also, countries like Canada, UK, US and Australia regularly come up with results which show just how many funds state budgets receive from businesses that deal with online gambling.

The numbers recorded amount to billions of dollars and euros which countries around the world earn and add to their yearly budgets, and to prove just how high those numbers are, let us say that the US economy makes about €213 billion from gambling only. The numbers go much higher when one includes consumer spending that goes hand in hand with gambling.

Europe is expected to earn about €13 billion this year since there are about 6.8 million players that enjoy gambling as their favorite past time activity, and the numbers are growing by the day. Numerous European countries like UK, Germany, Austria and Spain reveal annual reports on their gaming market that show just how big the industry is and how much more lucrative it can get.

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