A quick guide to playing online slots

A quick guide to playing online slots

If you’re interested in playing online slot then you should first understand the difference between a traditional slot machine and its online version. Here we’ve put together the basic info regarding online slots. This guide to slot game online Singapore is good for those interested in better understanding on how to play with online slots.

A beginner’s guide: The basics

Slot is a machine with a face that is its display and a hand-gear used to start the game. A Classic Slot Machine has three reels with on its screen. On pressing, the reels spin and then stop after a certain time. The reels have nine columns with symbols. If the middle reel gets three identical symbols, the player is declared winner.

Online slot has a minimum of five reels and a total of 25 columns with different symbols. Unlike the classic machine, online slot has multiple winning streaks and these lines could cut the reels in every direction including zig-zag. One more interesting thing about online slots is that the winning-lines keep changing from one machine to another.

Pay lines

Classic slots come with one pay line that is the middle reel. If the symbols of this reel are identical, the player is declared winner. But in an online slot, there are up to 30 pay lines. In other words, you have 30 opportunities to be a winner. You won’t be disappointed, if you are playing with an online slot.

Here a question arises that is how to choose the pay lines? In classic slot, you don’t decide which pay line to choose as it has only one winning streak but online slots are different as they have multiple pay lines. Before you start a slog game online Singapore, you need choosing the pay lines and here you can choose multiple lines from 1–25. If you are playing for one line, you will pay one coin per spin and if you are playing for 20 lines, you will pay 20 coins per spin.

Wild symbols

A wild symbol can make you a winner and for this reason it is important. If you have two cherries and a wild symbol on a pay line, you win. Every slot has its wild symbols.

Scatter symbols

It is another great feature of online slots. If you have 3 or more scatters on the screen, you can get free spins, bonus rounds or coin prizes. Unlike wild symbols, the scattered symbols could be anywhere on the screen.

Return to Player & Hit Frequency

These are two most important fundamentals in online slots. While one is related to the winnings, other is related to the stop timing. Let’s discuss these fundamentals in detail.


It is the percentage of wagered money that goes back to the player. RTP is determined on per machine and not player or playing session. Higher RTP means more chances of winning and some machines give up to 90% of the wagered money in RTP. Online slots have RTP higher than there traditional counterparts. While a classic machine has maximum RTP of 80%, online slot could give more than 90% RTP.

Hit Frequency

It is the stopping time of spinning wheels but higher frequency doesn’t mean more winning chances. A machine with 25% hit frequency gives winning combination in 1 out of 4 spins. Average hit frequency of online slot varies from 10% to 30%.

A winning combination is made by matching RTP and hit frequency. You should keep these two factors in mind when choosing a slot game online Singapore and try winning a jackpot in short time. Now you can open your gambling account with an online casino and enjoy slot games online.