Online Casinos Singapore

The Singapore government has made it difficult for Singaporean citizens and residents to use the two main casinos in the island city state. It’s not impossible for them to use the Marina Bay Sands casino and the Resorts World Sentosa casino. However, it does cost 100 Singapore dollars every time they visit either of the casinos, while foreigners, including Malaysians from across the causeway, are encouraged to spend their money there without an entrance fee.

The government has allowed the presence of these two huge casino resorts in order to encourage tourism but still has a rather old-fashioned attitude towards gambling by its own citizens.

Singapore approved betting exists

There is gambling allowed up to a point. The state itself runs what is called Singapore Pools. This is a bit like the British Pools that have been going on in one form or another for decades. The Singapore Pools is an online sportsbook which provides betting on racing and soccer through the internet. There are kiosks all over Singapore which allow people to bet, but that doesn’t include casino style games.

Singaporeans can and do enjoy gambling at online casinos

All is not lost for Singaporeans who love to gamble at a casino, however! There are online casinos singapore which cater for those who prefer to use the anonymity of the internet to try their hand at their favourite games like roulette, slots, baccarat and blackjack. These sites are not based in Singapore itself as the law in Singapore still forbids internet sites based in Singapore to exist.

Instead when Singaporeans want to gamble using any one of the 245 different online casinos singapore they must use one of the overseas based sites which welcome Singaporeans. In fact, these online casinos are so accommodating that they have both a Chinese and a Malay translation of their web content to make Singaporeans feel at home and be able to take part more fully in online gambling.

Are the laws changing?

The old laws might be about to change as there has been a recent amendment to the Remote Gambling Act which has meant that Singapore based gambling operators can now offer internet gambling of a limited nature. Singaporeans who are more than 21 years old are now legally allowed to make bets on certain types of gambling, such as football, car racing and some lottery games. The Ministry of Home Affairs says that the change in the law does not yet apply to online casinos based in Singapore. They say that there is no legal framework to issue licenses for online casinos at the present point in time.

Great internet coverage means fast access to online casinos singapore

Many of the onlinecasinos singapore need fast data speeds for images to load quickly and betting to take place effectively. Fortunately, Singapore has already made available to its citizens ultra-fast broadband. This means that when Singaporeans want to have a flutter at an online casino, as long as it is being provided on a foreign gambling site, they can do so knowing they have one of the best internet connections in Asia.