Photo by Jimi Filipovski

Know Your Worth, But Know Your Place

I see people talking about respecting their skills and services, being insulted by people or brands coming to them and asking to help them by promoting their products in a few pictures or to collaborate - I’m sorry, what??

You started somewhere once and while I understand and recognize the status of working hard and alone to get where you are, what good is it but to you, if you don’t connect with people who are also trying to do something with themselves? Encourage fellow start-ups and beginners, local entrepreneurs, and small businesses. No wonder there’s such a disheartening, ominous aura around “just doing” that idea someone has when they have nothing to go off of most times.

Photo by Olaia Irigoien

It’s a compliment that someone even asks YOU for anything, that means you’ve gotten yourself somewhere. That means people look up to you. That means you inspire and have an affect on people. But turning people down, ignoring them, and then turning around and talking about how much people ask you to do something that DOESN’T involve putting out money or even a dollar is such a disgrace and inconceivable disrespect to you - what are you even thinking?

If they’re doing something productive and if you agree with what they’re doing, then why not support them? If you don’t agree with their brand or outlook, then that’s a different story. Tell them that. Don’t compromise what you do for something you don’t agree with. That’s another duck pond entirely.

Photo by Paulette Wooten

But who are you really to look down on others and scoff at them for trying? The least you can do is look at the big picture, be considerate, and think about them as someone like you, just a few hops, 50 skips, and a jump behind. Motivate by being excited someone is even trying to do something and honoured that they even thought about hitting your DMs. Seriously, consider your perspective if YOU respect what others are trying to do.

Do something for nothing.

We are all out here trying to step up our game and get somewhere. Make something of ourselves. Survive. Be happy. Have a good life. The least someone of your apparent merit can do is be aware and compassionate. And not hound down someone for trying.

Be kind, rewind your mind.

Photo by Lesly B. Juarez