• Carmen Hidalgo Staub

    Carmen Hidalgo Staub

  • Christoph Hess

    Christoph Hess

    Keeping an eye and an ear on #SocialMedia, #MarTech and #Taiwan. Auch auf Deutsch. 我学中文. www.christophhess.ch

  • Yves Moret

    Yves Moret

    looking for digital karma

  • Tanja Huber

    Tanja Huber

    Blogwerkerin - Schoggi-Addict - Bücherwurm - Sommerliebhaberin - Seefreak - Thurgauerin ;)

  • Karin Janner

    Karin Janner

  • Dragica Kahlina

    Dragica Kahlina

    klangkünstlerin, sound design & research, soundlomography, #eigenharp, livecoding, game dev, coder, physicist, Emmy Noether fan

  • James.


    founder @sanctus ❤️ On a mission to transform #mentalhealth

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