Hi Casper.
Cristiano Medeiros Dalbem

Hi Cristiano,

Thank you so much for the kind words. Your points are valid, let me try to answer them:
- Asked if it’s useful to know all those details, definitely. Knowing that there are younger, and probably more experienced with mobile apps in general helps shape my thinking and sketching. Plus, knowing that all of them use other apps to search for food, I can be informed that they have some expectation of what a search / sort / filter function should look like.
- The downside to this quick study is that it might not be comprehensive. I agree with you that redesigning something for a segment of users could result in bad experience for other users. There were a lot more insights I have found through this usability case that I didn’t include in here. It is tricky with our biases, that’s a reason why I decided to do multiple tests with people I don’t know. My final version is completely different from my previous 3 versions.
I hope this is helpful. Happy to chat more if you have further questions :)

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