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An attempt to add an song to Deno in the name of Hacktoberfest

For the last couple of years, DigitalOcean has been running Hacktoberfest with the intent to contribute to open source by giving free t-shirts to people who send pull requests to open source repositories.

While it’s a nice idea it misses the mark and in practice the net results is sponsored spam as a service that wastes both the times of maintainers and contributors.

While a lot of the complaints on this has been on the spam factor, which certainly is annoying it isn’t the end of the world and the harm done by DigitalOcean here will pass soon enough.

I think the bigger issue is that it asks for the wrong thing, it incentivises people to just contribute to open source rather than participating. …

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Deno pushed out it’s first major release a not too long ago generating quite a few hot-takes. This isn’t going to be a hot-take but a look at what Deno is, where is it at right now and where it could go from a new contributor’s to perspective.

So the first question here would be what the heck is Deno?

The short answer; it’s a relatively small general-purpose runtime environment for JavaScript with first class support for promise based interfaces, ECMAScript modules and seamless TypeScript integration started by the same Ryan Dahl that authored Node.js.

Now, I wouldn’t go as far as saying that history is repeating itself, but there’s definitively a sense of dejavu here. …

Game Development Log

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It’s been quite the while since I wrote the last segment of this series which was dubbed “An Achievable Game Design”. The whole premise of that was limiting the scope to something that could be done within the span of a couple of weeks time. That time frame has already passed.

So what happened? Well, it’s not that I’ve been too busy. Well I have but I’ve also pretended to be in my 20s and spent a bunch of all nighters working on this project to make up for it.

As a side note, I have to say that all-nighters are a nightmare! I have no idea how a younger me used to stay up coding all night before attending class back in the day, I can barely make it to 24 hours these days! …


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