Buttplug Diaries, day 0

10:30 in the morning and there’s a knock on the door. It’s UPS.

Photos of the packaging are taken. And of course I can’t wait, as soon as I’ve washed it a little it’s up inside me. Definitely feels better suited to long-term wear than anything else I’ve had up there.

When I tweet about this fact, I am not unsubtle in requesting that people do some retweeting and get this thing stuck in me for a good long while. I tell myself I’m not going to check the stats until tonight, when I have decided the clock officially starts. Because I for now I’ve decided to round my time up to days, and to do all my rounding in the way most hostile to me taking this thing out any time soon.

Having it in is doing interesting things to my posture. If I get too slouchy there’s a chance one of the wings can end up digging unpleasantly into my perianium, which is not fun. But I seem to have learnt how to avoid that pretty quickly.

I didn’t take it out until dance class. And left it out for the hour between the two classes I’m taking, because there was a long line at the cafe and I wanted to get some work done. I missed having it in me for that hour, and was pretty glad to bounce off to the bathroom after class and get it back in! It just feels really nice having it up there.

Anyway. There’s a plug in my butt now. And now it’ll be there for the next three days, too. I’m delighted by this!

0/72h. Or 0/80h if I go with my thought of adding in the likes to That Tweet.

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