Buttplug Diaries, day iv

Last night I slept with the little plug in. When I woke up around threeish for a bit with a full bladder, I also re-lubed the plug before crawling back into bed. Things were a little cranky when I woke up in the morning but really no crankier than they’d be if all I’d done was to try to knot with my least forgiving dildo in too little time. Which is what I did last night while watching a porn anime about succubi.

I let myself spend some time unplugged. Because things haven’t started until the real plug gets here. But eventually I got dressed and looped the string of a tiny little remote-controlled vibrator around the base of the little plug, and went for a brief walk. Wherein I remembered that this little plastic string can kinda dig sharply into soft places, and came home after about a block. Gotta try these things, right?

I’d masturbated a time or two in the morning. And before I took the remote toy out I masturbated some more, pressing the Magic Wand against my well-tucked loins while the remote toy’s vibrations ebbed and flowed through my ass. Didn’t feel like letting myself climax, though. In part because I’ve kinda been toying with the idea of restricting my orgasms to once per the largest unit of time the plug’s gotta be in — right now that’d be days, eventually it might be weeks, even months… I’m probably not going to actually do that ever, but it’s certainly hot to think about, and that’s kinda the point of this whole game.

A thing I have noticed: since deciding to do this crazy stunt, my desire for food has fallen sharply. I’m not starving myself by any means, but I’m not eating as heavily. It’s like my body knows shitting is going to be complicated, and wants to minimize that. I wonder if I can use this crazy horny game as a way to get back to the shape I was a few years ago when I played at being a stripper? Is Cassandra Sazerac someone who is simply in better shape than the person I normally am? Can she convince our body to burn unwanted fat sooner? That would be nice. Of course, I’ll have to make sure I continue to have multiple days of plug-wearing stacked up ahead of me to keep the game going long enough to see if that little bit of mind-over-matter is possible…

Oh! I almost forgot! I also found an utterly fabulous and completely sensible way to carry my key when I go out with this little plug in. But only one or I start jingling.

Tomorrow’s the last day before it goes in. I debated wearing the little plug tonight but I think I’d like to enjoy one last night of emptiness, in case the retweets/follows take off like crazy again once it’s in there. I’m probably going to stay empty all morning, too.

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