The Yip System: Variations

Here’s a game you can play. I call it “Buttplug Roulette”.

Make a list of tasks. About 4–6 of them.

You will need at least three butt toys: a little plug, a medium, and something you’re definitely going to have a Serious Fuck Session to get in you. More would be good; if you have one more butt toys as you have tasks, that would be perfect.

Roll a die to select a toy. Put it in you. Now choose something from your task list and spend a half an hour doing it. You may not remove the toy until you’re done. When you do, you may remove it from the rotation — I wouldn’t recommend this unless you have one more toy than you have tasks, and want to make damn sure that big toy is going into you somewhere during the day.

If you chose the toy that requires a Serious Fuck Session to take, then fucking it is now your task. Remove it from the rotation after you’re done.

(Use your judgement on whether or not you can reroll if that’s the first selection.)

The dedicated exhibitionist might choose to tweet a photo of what they put in their butt along with a comment like “Time to do some laundry”. It’s up to you.

If you do all of your tasks and haven’t gotten that Serious Fuck Session with the big toy, then your reward is exactly that. Assuming you want it. Know your limits, don’t rupture yourself. And drink lots of fluids.

Enjoy your newfound productivity!

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