Back with part 2, focused on the different measures you’d see on the ballot if you vote in Fremont.

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Here’s a plug that you don’t have to vote for every item on the ballot… personally, there were some things on here that left me morally conflicted which is completely valid.

A lot of people turn to tax implications when looking at these (myself included)— it can be hard to not remember that not everything can be income generating and that things will cost money (especially in the state of CA where taxes are ridiculously high). …

I happen to be a nerd when it comes to voting and want to be sure everyone has as much information as possible before they complete their ballot. Here are my ballot notes (Part 1) on the folks running for office. It is important to recognize you don’t have to vote for every office… and you don’t have to vote for the indicated number of candidates (e.g., you can vote for only 1 candidate even if the office says “vote for no more than three”).

Make sure you use a blue or black ballpoint pen, fill in the circles completely, sign your voter’s…

The past few months have been incredibly challenging for those of us with ties to fraternities and sororities as we shed light on our structures’ contribution to systemic racism. Whether it be inappropriately themed events, the cost of membership, or the fact some of our organizations were founded when slavery was still legal… many of us have had to reflect on and facilitate tough conversations about how our morals and values contrast with our lifelong commitment to organizations tied to insensitivity and inequity.

As the Executive Chapter Advisor for Psi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi at UC Berkeley these questions and conversations are not unprecedented — they are a part of everyday life. They have been top of mind far longer than the last six months and they will be for years to come. …


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