Climate Deniers

They’ll keep arguing no matter what

So. These people, climate disbelievers, deniers, opposers. Actually, it should be climate change disbelievers, deniers, arguers, opposers, or anything like that. But the way they present their arguments means that climate disbelievers is pretty much as relevant. People who refuse to believe in the weather when it is right in front of them have about as much reason to refute it as those who even now still say that climate change is a made up scam. And the arguments they present are rather similar to anyone who tries to say that weather is a figment of our imaginations.

I get quite irritated with these single-minded specimens of our species. When I see bumper stickers on cars saying things like “has anyone seen Al Gore” and “Climate change — it used to be called weather” I want to just go over to the car concerned and start shouting at the driver. I mean, what’s the point of denying global warming? It’s happening. You’ll end up having to eat your words. Sadly, although we’d love to see idiots eating their words, these cartoons show very well quite what will actually happen.

One of the main things about climate change deniers really bugs me; they will argue until they die, (possibly of global warming related incidents) or they will just swap sides and shout that they knew climate change was happening and how could you have said we didn’t thank you very much.

I think that it is just such a futile position to be in, desperately trying to keep on arguing but also trying to save face.

Over the last two years, over 9,000 scientists have published research about climate change. Of that lot, only a single one concluded that climate change was not manmade. In other words, a veritable 99.99 percent of climate scientists have confirmed that global warming is real, is caused by human activity, and is happening right now.
One in four Americans currently does not believe in climate change.

So why do many ordinary humans try to argue against the evidence that is pretty much jumping up and down, sticking tongues out at them, and laughing in their face? Some, people will basically argue against anything. They just like arguing. My other opinion is that people are scared at all the consequences of global warming (hurricanes, coral reefs dying, more forest fires in places, polar bears’ ice getting smaller… the list goes on) and they are trying as hard as they can to ignore it. The consequences of major global warming are gigantic. Huge. Enough to cover a whole planet. (Well that’s the ‘global’ bit).

One can sympathise with these deniers, but really? They need to see what’s happening and start to do their bit to combat global warming.