Hype Lights Galaxy Projector — Best Way to Improve Your Room

One of my favorite things to do during my free time is exploring the web and looking for a fun new gadget to buy, or some great decoration for my home with which I can impress my guests. During these past few years I have discovered many cool and amazing things, and with them made my home look almost like a funky museum. But recently, I found something which had improved my room and my home much more than anything before; a galaxy projector. Here is what I think about it, and why I believe that you will love this cool gadget.

Galaxy Projector by Hypelights is a galaxy lights room projector that transforms your room into a galaxy with a click of a button. I bet you are thinking now “That’s not possible Cassandra, a room cannot be transformed into a galaxy, you silly goose!”. Well, dear reader, of course, it is not transformed into an actual galaxy, but I bet with you that the feeling is quite close. When you stand there in the middle of a room you know by heart and see it transformed into a scene from a sci-fi movie or space documentary, you will get what I mean. Anyway, back to this galaxy light projector.

Your room can be transformed with this starry projector within seconds; practically with a press of a button. And if you think that it would be boring because no one wants to look at the same effect for a long time, you would be wrong. First of all, I kept it on the whole night and didn’t was amazed by it the whole time. Secondly, there are 16 different color setups to choose from. Let me repeat that. 16 color setups. Amazing! You can be in a pink nebula at one moment, and quickly switch to a deep blue ocean-like space. There are so many options! Guys who made this Hype Lights Projector are true geniuses. They even had the sense to include a remote control. That is great news if you are a sloth like me who can’t make herself get off the sofa to grab a glass of milk, let alone switch colors or turn this amazing galaxy room projector off. Not that I would want to turn it off that is.

One more amazing feature of this Hype Lights Galaxy Projector is the fact that it has Sound-to-colors synesthesia. This great feature accommodates galaxy colors and movement according to the song you are listening to. I would play a nice chill song that would put me to sleep under the stars. This is a great substitute for the usual TV I keep on when I am going to bed. I bet you are worried that this galaxy projector will stay on the whole night. Well, there is no need for that. Guys at Hype Lights thought of that too and included a sleep mode that you can turn on which automatically turns off the projector in 1 or 2 hours.

To conclude, this Hype Lights Galaxy Projector is a great little gadget and I really suggest you hop over to Hypelights.com and see what they are all about. Whether you want to use it in your living room as a backdrop for watching movies, or in the bedroom for pleasant sleep or some romantic times, the galaxy lights projector is a great gadget. I bought a few since they make perfect gifts for friends and loved ones. They loved it and I am sure that you will too.

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