How Trump Lost America’s Greatness in 100 Days

Here are 100 ways Trump and his administration decimated America’s greatness in 100 days. Obviously, this list is not comprehensive. I am sure I have missed many other actions and words that have chipped away at our greatness and our ability to be a “shining city on a hill.”

This reality (yes, it is still not a nightmare from which we will wake) saddens me so much. Because of a chronic illness I am not able to march to protest against many of these acts. I live in constant fear of what any repeal of Obamacare will mean for me — financially and physically.

In DC, where I live, we joke that marching is the new brunching because a protest march is a regular occurrence and an imperative. Spontaneous protests pop up as they did when the travel ban was issued. The Washingtonian points out that our capital was built and well-designed for protests. The last three Saturdays, including today, the streets of my home town have been flooded with protesters and signs and solidarity.

January 21, 2017 in Washington DC on way to Women’s March

And I have been frustrated and sad I could not participate. I won’t be able to attend today’s Climate March either, even as the temperatures soar to over 90 degrees in April. I did make it to the Women’s March thanks to out-of-town friends staying with me who were willing to push me in a wheelchair. And while stuck in bed the weeks before, I did knit furiously, like Madame DeFarge, to make many pussy hats.

But now months later, hats made, what else could I do if I could not protest on the streets of D.C., my home?

Well, from my bed I could assemble this roster of how quickly Trump and his administration is making America disadvantaged, deficient, and diminished.

This is my protest, from my sick bed. They are in no particular order. In most Trump himself is the perpetuator; in a few, members of his staff or administration are the actors. For each, I have included links to news reports if you wish to learn more.

Please do add any I have forgotten in the comments! I keep thinking of ones to add, and so very many have floated around in my head that some have slipped away before I got them down. Be sure to include links to reputable news sources (e.g. not fake news).

  1. Describe our country as a landscape of carnage.
  2. Decline to reach out beyond the base of voters who voted for him despite the fact that he lost the popular vote by largest margin ever.
  3. Assert, falsely, that 3 to 5 million people voted illegally.
  4. Claim, falsely, that he won largest electoral victory since Ronald Reagan. George H.W. Bush did in 1988; Clinton did in 1992 and 1996; and Obama did in 2008.
  5. Declare, falsely, that audience to witness inauguration was the largest in America ever. Period.
  6. Appoint a cabinet with the least diversity in a generation.
  7. Nominate Betsy DeVos to be Secretary of Education who, in her confirmation hearing, seemed “blank on basic education terms.”
  8. Nominate Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency when soon after he was confirmed emails, revealed in a law suit, show him to have acted as an advocate for the very industries he is to regulate.
  9. Insult our neighbor Mexico so that their president cancels his trip to the United States.
  10. Fire the interim Attorney General Sally Yates for refusing to defend the travel ban executive order, a ban which was subsequently knocked down as unconstitutional by several federal courts.
  11. Hawk the President’s daughter’s “stuff” which caused a surge in sales.
  12. Hold a national security meeting on an open air terrace turning it into a situation room while meeting with the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in the wake of a North Korean missile test.
  13. Appoint a National Security Adviser without vetting General Flynn for his ties to foreign governments.
  14. Blame his predecessor for the failure to vet his own National Security Advisor, ignoring the fact that the Obama administration fired him.
  15. Fire his National Security Advisor General Flynn not for his ties to Russia but for lying to the Vice President.
  16. Ignore warning of Acting Attorney General Sally Yates about General Flynn’s ties to Russia and potential compromising material about that ties.
  17. Appoint an Attorney General who has to recuse himself from investigation of Russian interference with the 2016 election because he lied to Congress about his meetings with the Russian Ambassador.
  18. Badger the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnball.
  19. Tweet, falsely, that his predecessor committed a felony.
  20. Concoct a bizarre vindication of the false allegation by beckoning Chairman Nunes to the White House for a secret meeting, have him speak publicly to mischaracterize what he was briefed about, with the result that Nunes has to recuse himself from the House investigation on Russian interference that he was leading as well as be investigated himself for revealing classified information.
  21. Refuse to shake German Chancellor’s Angela Merkel’s hand.
  22. Give a printed invoice to German Chancellor Angela Merkel for their 374 billion dollars (of which 62 billion was interest) for Germany’s dues to NATO.
  23. Invite dictator of Egypt to the Oval Office.
  24. Praise authoritative Egyptian leader Abdel Fattah el-Sisi.
  25. Congratulate the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the contested “win” on his anti-democratic changes to Turkey’s constitution.
  26. Embrace and commend dictators and autocrats such as Erdogan, Sisi, Putin, Mussolini, Gadhafi.
  27. Lie about where “your” “armada” is headed.
  28. Cede civilian control over the military.
  29. Belatedly reach out to political opposition, that actually won the popular vote, and only after first big legislative push failed. (He probably is insincere.)
  30. Invite friends over to the White House, spend 4 hours with them in the middle of the work day, and allow them to take disrespectful selfies in the White House.
  31. Issue two travel bans that both fail in federal court.
  32. Miss the actual threat to national security by ignoring home grown terrorists.
  33. Cause European Parliament to end visa-free travel of United States citizens in Europe.
  34. Devalue America’s soft power.
  35. Deter tourism income with travel bans and difficulties at entry causing a 6.5% decrease in bookings over same period a year earlier.
  36. Cause a decrease in applications to United States’ colleges and universities from foreign students who between 2008 and 2012 spent $34.6 billion in the USA.
  37. Allow Immigration and Customs Enforcement to arrest people at schools, churches and courts.
  38. Insult the New York City Police force, which is on the front lines our counter-terrorism efforts, by calling it soft on crime.
  39. Abdicate our economic strengths in the South Pacific by pulling out of TPP, allowing China to dominate trade in that part of the world and to increase Chinese influence and power.
  40. Lift ban on the dangerous pesticide chlorpyrifos that poses a risk to the public.
  41. Give pen to CEO of Dow Chemical after signing executive ordering a review of safety regulations on protecting land, water and air that aims to eliminate public safety rules.
  42. Make up a terrorism attack in Sweden and suggest that their immigration policy is the cause.
  43. Which causes riots in Stockholm.
  44. Quash Office of Surface Mining’s Stream Protection regulations to allow coal mines to pollute our river, eliminating protection of our waterways from pollution and threatening public health.
  45. Eliminate ban on drilling in the Arctic and California coast on behalf of oil and gas companies.
  46. Express support for a France presidential candidate who advocates that France withdraw from the European Union.
  47. Indicate the United States might move the United States Embassy to Jerusalem only to change course with the King of Jordan explains the ramifications.
  48. Leave an astonishing number of key top posts — more than 2000 — empty across the government, effectively crippling it.
  49. Ratchet up rhetoric without a strategy, threatening the fragile detente with North Korea.
  50. Undermine legitimacy of Supreme Court by appointing someone other than Merlick Garland to the Supreme Court.
  51. Offer a budget that “takes a sledgehammer” to funding for the EPA, cutting nearly by 1/3rd.
  52. Posit that funding for climate change is “considered a waste” of our money.
  53. Propose slashing 6 billion dollars, roughly 1/5th, of the National Institutes of Health’s budget, which funds research for cancer and other illnesses.
  54. Declare the obvious as if a new discovery — “Nobody knew health care could be so complicated.”; “After listening for 10 minutes, I realize it’s not so easy.” (regarding North Korea); “This is more work than in my previous life. I thought it would be easier.” (regarding the presidency).
  55. Take his history from the Chinese Premiere Xi Jinping in 10 minutes rather than our own State Department specialists.
  56. Approve the KeystoneXL pipeline despite his conflict of interest.
  57. Brag about how his ratings are higher than the day the World Trade Center came down.
  58. Lie about saving United States taxpayers billions of dollars on the F-35s being built by Lockheed-Martin.
  59. Contradict himself within minutes about whether or not he watches CNN.
  60. Assert, falsely, that former National Security Advisor Susan Rice committed a crime when she asked for names of Trump associates in intelligence reports to be unmasked.
  61. Claim, falsely, that Democratic Rep. Elijah E. Cummings said he’d go down as one of the greatest presidents in United States history.
  62. Threaten to shut down the government over funding for a southern border wall.
  63. Conduct secret meetings with two former presidents of Columbia, whose current president is trying to end the world’s longest war, potentially spoiling a peace deal.
  64. Add a glittering history of the private for-profit club owned by the United States president, from which he personally profits, to the United States State Department web site and the web sites of American Embassies around the world, only to take it down the same day because of outrage.
  65. Profit from the prominence of his private club, Mar-a-Lago, by doubling the price of membership from $100,000 to $200,000.
  66. Lift wording from the Holocaust Musuem’s website for the President’s Holocaust Remembrance proclamation.
  67. Cancel federal hiring freeze in April that he himself imposed in January.
  68. Back away from labeling China a currency manipulator, a regular mantra of campaign.
  69. Call for reshaping of Export-Import Bank after calling for its elimination.
  70. Reverse position on NATO, calling the alliance obsolete and then declaring NATO relevant.
  71. Decide to re-negotiate NAFTA after insisting United States would withdraw.
  72. Threaten a trade war with Canada.
  73. Gut State Department top management team so it is running on fumes.
  74. Prompt mocking videos from more than 20 other countries which declare themselves “second” (after “America First”) including Spain, Netherlands, Switzerland, Portugal, Italy, Germany, Belgium, Slovenia, Iran, Kazakhstan, Austria, Bulgaria, Madeira Island, Moldova, Lithuania, Australia, Namibia, Morocco, Finland, Czech Republic and Malta.
  75. Flip flop on torture. Saying it “absolutely works,” and then coming out against it in wake of backlash.
  76. Unveil a new initiative called VOICE, or Victims Of Immigrant Crime. Engagement, only to be mocked and have it be filled with voice mail messages about attacks by space aliens.
  77. Begin process to eliminate net neutrality to protect the internet for large corporations, privileging them over start-ups which will block innovation.
  78. Coin the term “alternative facts” whilst asserting that the White House Press Secretary was not lying about the size of the inauguration crowd.
  79. Ask April Ryan, a reporter for American Urban Radio Networks, to set up a meeting for Trump with the Congressional Black Caucus, because they are “friends of yours.”
  80. Fire the 46 United States attorneys in early March with no warnings of their dismissals and without replacements, adversely affecting the prosecution of federal cases around the country.
  81. Leave the positions of United States attorneys open for more than a month; they are still unfilled as of the end of April.
  82. Start campaign and raising money for 2020 within first month of first term so Trump can hold campaign rallies and accept campaign donations throughout his first term.
  83. Declare that Bill O’Reilly, Fox News host, is a “good person,” while O’Reilly stands accused by numerous women of sexual harassment in the workplace.
  84. Leave government attorneys unprepared to defend in travel ban in court causing chaos at airports across the country.
  85. Propose infrastructure revitalization what will turn public roads into privatized toll roads, enriching private companies at the expense of the public.
  86. Thank the National Rifle Association conference, in person, for the 30 million dollars spent in support of his election, and effectively endorsing gun rights.
  87. Maintain 39 different, specific, and serious conflicts of interest (and counting).
  88. Bleed the Secret Service budget dry because of lifestyle choices and travel, without reimbursement to the United States Treasury, which means that investigating cybercrime and missing minors loose funding.
  89. Burden New York taxpayers and Palm Beach taxpayers with additional costs for his protection, without reimbursement.
  90. Profit personally from his own protection, paid for by U.S. taxpayers.
  91. State that the future of Syrian President Assad is up to his own people, leading to a gas attack on Syrian civilians.
  92. Offer mixed signals on whether the U.S. wants Bashar al-Assad to maintain his power or not and launch questionable missile strikes into Syria after opposing any intervention.
  93. Add Steve Bannon, a white nationalist, to the National Security Council, and then remove him less than 3 months later.
  94. Advocate changes to libel laws because he does not like his press coverage.
  95. Threaten to break up a federal court circuit because he doesn’t like the decisions that the court issued.
  96. Hire his daughter and son-in-law to work in the White House as senior advisors, give them broad portfolios while allowing them to maintain their own business interests. This conflates personal business interests with governing and official duties and makes the United States resemble autocracies and dictatorships.
  97. Deride to Sen. Elizabeth Warren by referring to her as “Pocahontas.”
  98. Remove climate science data from the Environmental Protection Agency website that has been available to the public for more than two decades.
  99. Propose changes to the tax code while refusing to release his own taxes so that the American people and Congress can understand how the changes would affect Trump personally.
  100. Lie on average 4.5 times a day. As of day 98, as tracked by the Washington Post, he has uttered 452 falsehoods or misleading claims.

And the biggest lie of all was that Trump would make America great again. He has done anything and everything but. We must resist and persist, even from our sick beds.

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