Hi, I’m Jessi
Jessi Hempel

Hi , Sweet View U all Have ! I just found you Jessi Hempel due to a article Peter Sims posted you wrote on his twitter.. Is excellent ! So I had to find out who is this this dynamic female writer that knows my world of Tech, science , Silicon Valley so well !! I have been part of silicon Valley since 1980’s. Before that i was in investment world in Boston.. I was one of the 1st subscribers to INC magazine. I am always proud of that . I road all the waves in the Valley.

While being in the investment world as a hobby my working life was and is a behavioral therapist social scientist till I became a inventor in technology in 1985 which fit with the NBIC Nano Bio ( Genome ) Information Tech ( AI ) Cognitive Neurology as one. This was the leading thinking in the beginning of how all these parts work together in academia and silicon Valley. Then AI took over completely and made for a shallow boring world… Now we are back with the neuroscience at least being included.

To me social media physics has saved the day for all us ! As it took silicon valley out of the hard tech and the linear thinking into WOW there is people and they are the driver of economy !! So now everyone is falling all over each other as to how moneyize this. It also has proven true what I was saying back in 1980’s Technology would save humanity. As it gives people a personal voice.. They not stuck in the demeaning physical world 20th century made.

Before social media physics woke up silicon valley men to fact they are alive, I a female , a therapist , a scientist in how the human is made, functions, operates, and a mom that experienced childbirth could not even begin to tell these men in silicon valley during the 80’s and 90’s No they will not become machines.. No they will not become the robots they idolizing to be !! I could not even begin the dialogue as they were too dissociated from their human system to begin with. Tech was it to them. They wanted to feel sense zero.

Everything works on reciprocation >*< that is where engagement is. It appears this is what you are doing here. Breaking the box open.. peering inside.. giving everyone the lines of the box to use a personal compass… Rather then telling everyone what is.. You want discussion.. excellent ! Stephen Covey thought leader in the day before everything got off track said Diversity is Unity !! It is the empty hole in the middle of the wheel that powers the wheel not the rim.. The human energy is the empty hole… Focus on the person not the product, the tech, the $$ and life will engage to move as should.

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