Stopping Trolls Is Now Life and Death for Twitter
Jessi Hempel

Seems your article might have inspired Joel Stein at TIME to do this story on Trolls Aug 18 2016.. He dives into deeply… looking for reason’s causes solutions.

The end of this article is funny as Joel Stein usually does. Reminded me of a article you Jessi Hempel did about the attorney at Airbnb in her saying you can always talk it out… which is what Joel did with his stalker..troll person. 
it seems…

I am a behavioral social scientist. I have been looking for the cause of all this aggression in USA.. as Trolling is minor to the stalking going on and of course Domestic Violence is off the charts… Woman and children being murdered in USA every single day… This is not happening anywhere else in the world..

The motivation for the violence, the hate is all the same.. It comes from person who loath themselves. The person has to dump this self loathing on prey where ever who ever… it does matter .. as long as can dump it so they can get through the day. Joel Stein article in link shows that.. how people down on their luck , living in fear are those who stalk or troll others…

To me this behavior is so embedded in America that the Surgeon General has to get involved. It is a public health issue. It is not going to fix itself… It is similar to the smoking and the DUI… Behavioral problems… 2nd hand smoke People told those coughing while they smoking the person was crazy.. Then laws made and smoking in public stopped. Breathing became important.

Same with drinking and driving.. I worked for MADD Mothers against drunk drivers…There was huge back lash from the public about DUI laws… How dare the government tell people they could not drink and drive !!!! Ha ha.. They made a human rights issue.. NOT seeing that they were killing innocent people driving when drunk… What the DUI law did was show drinking was a huge addiction for people… It has helped many many people get well.

Now we have to put the spotlight on those who loath themselves.. Their patterns of behaviors are very evident. The tag name is sociopath, psychopath, narcissistic, bully etc.. Trump is the poster boy for this behavior.. This is not a man condemning and threatening around him.. Trump is highly disturbed child if one looks at Trump algorithms his DATA which is his pattern of behaviors.. He makes zero sense when speaks.. He is just flaming hate. Which is his own self loathing projected out…and the camera’s roll letting others know Trump hating others slandering discriminating is acceptable.

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