Five things you should know about Cassandra Saturn

No one has to be perfect in how we live our lives ~ Cassandra Saturn
  1. She got same start as Hilary Duff did in 1990s, was approached by talent agent to do a film appearance as main character. but she gave that up for normal, private life.
  2. She went through lot during her growing changes into who she is today. she had experienced lot of doubts about herself in beginning, but stayed true to herself.
  3. In 2008, she became aware of her identity as person she is and identifys with, she made first step in towards her life with determination and “stick with it” attitude as herself.
  4. She stuck to everything she values and believes in, staying true to herself.
  5. she never gave up on her dreams and goals, still continues to pursue those dreams of her own.

Cassandra Saturn reporter

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