Miraculous Ladybug is now coming to Readers soon!

With Nickelodeon that axxed Popular tv show series since the legend of Korra in 2014, a popular virtual cosplayer has decided to bring her own fan-made stories of Miraculous Ladybug to her readers.
Cassandra Saturn, the 29 year-old veteran of virtual cosplay is well-known for her many stories since Korra aired in 2012. She already was known for her cosplays in 2008. already heard of news about Nickelodeon’s decision to remove the show from air, decided to kick their butts by posting her own stories for ML fans.
That move alone will trigger support for her, backlash from nick itself as well. Her stories are known to be long-running series. In beginning, she started out with short stories and it evolved into longer stories.

Trent Samson

CS reporter